Easter Updates

Here is a quick Easter update for you. 

We started off our Spring Break with an Easter Egg Hunt. 
easter egg hunt (1)

Getting 10 bucks in one of them of the eggs.
easter egg hunt (4)

A week later, we went to another Easter Egg Hunt because we are greedy like that. And they are fun. And they have really good after hunt treats. We could have done without the 8,000 mph winds that day though.
easter egg hunt (2)

easter egg hunt (3)

We made a visit to the Easter Bunny. She doesn’t look anymore thrilled than she has the last 5 years. But I’ll keep bringing her because I’m nice like that.
easter bunny (1)

We thought we could attempt some springy photo’s after the bunny visit. We cut it way short since it was much colder than we thought it was out, there really are no flowers, green grass or anything ‘springy’ up yet, and she’s about 4 months overdue for a haircut. Not sure why I even thought photo’s were a good idea this day.
easter bunny (2)

And we made Easter cookies. In cow jammies. Holidays are about the only time I feel the work of cut out cookies are worth it. To try something new, we separated the dough and colored it.
easter cookies (1)

They turned out fairly well after a few trial and error attempts getting the rolling of them out just right and the right amount of flour but not too much so the colors still stick together but yet it doesn’t all stick to the table.
easter cookies (2)

Before being baked.
easter cookies (3)

After being baked.
easter cookies (4)

The final cookie with a very light layer of frosting and sprinkles.
easter cookies (5)

Of course we colored eggs this year too, because I hate the mess so seemed like a fun thing to do. We used paint this year.
color easter eggs (1)

color easter eggs (2)

The Easter Bunny gave Ashlyn some Melty Beads. If you are not familiar, you place these little beads on a peg board in any design or shape you wish. You place this sheet of paper over it, iron both sides, and they melt together. If you don’t fully melt it, leaving the little holes in tact, you can hang them on a string, use as ornament, make it small for a necklace charm, etc. Check out that Spongebob and Patrick !!  Nice job huh.
melty beads (1)

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