Easter Egg Hunts !

Let the Easter Egg Hunts begin! I love everything about Easter Egg Hunts except for all the candy. But next year is probably her last year on the age for them, so what the heck!

egg hunt 2016 (1)

egg hunt 2016 (2)

Sometimes fun needs to overrule health and teeth falling out from candy. You can’t replace fun, but there’s always false teeth. Actually for those of you that know me, I’m a tightass on allowing candy. She’ll have this candy until the next holiday then it gets thrown out. 

egg hunt 2016 (3)

See those eggs on the bracket of the post? The kids couldn’t reach them, so a kind baseball player got it for them.

egg hunt 2016 (4)

Then he took off with the egg! It was hilarious to see the kids screaming and chasing him. He dropped it and they got it, but it added a little excitement to an otherwise typical egg hunt. Doesn’t take much in these here small towns.

egg hunt 2016 (5)

Afterwards, we go through the loot.

after egg hunt (1)

after egg hunt (2)

And a quick self-timer selfie since I seldom get picture’s with her, being the one behind the camera all the time.

after egg hunt (3)

Did you go to any Easter Egg Hunts this weekend?

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