Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt 2017

I was not prepared to be in the picture with her, but a general Mom wanted me to take their picture and offered to take ours in return.

easter bunny 2017 (1)

Still got the one with just her though.

easter bunny 2017 (2)

It was a bit chilly and a lot breezy for the egg hunt but didn’t seem to bother the girls at all.

egg hunt 2017 (1)

egg hunt 2017 (2)

egg hunt 2017 (3)

Ashlyn and her friend got a special egg with a special prize in it.

egg hunt 2017 (4)

Always a fun time !

egg hunt 2017 (5)

First thing is first, dump out, sort, organize and categorize all candy ASAP.

egg hunt 2017 (6)

In her special egg was 10 bucks, a free ice cream cone and cupcake.

egg hunt 2017 (7)

Real bunnies have been taking over our yard. Cute but the dogs are not liking it one bit.

egg hunt 2017 (8)

I am very late on this post, but hope you all have a great Easter.

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