Duff’s Tie Dye Cake Mix for Cupcakes

This year for Ashlyn’s birthday, she chose a homemade Oreo Ice Cream cake for her party and Duff Goldman’s Tie Dye Cake Mix that we used for cupcakes for her classroom treat. 

We were excited to try this since we love Duff. You know, the Pastry Chef guy, the Cake Boss and we love him most on the Kids Baking Competition as the judge with Valarie Bertinelli. 

duffs tie dye cake mix (1)

The mix comes with yellow, red and blue coloring. It tells you how to mix them exactly to get 6 colors for the cake. Since cupcakes are so much smaller than a cake, we thought the 3 colors without mixing them would be enough.

duffs tie dye cake mix (2)

The cake mix is just as easy as any other box cake mix to whip up. The coloring mixed in really well.

duffs tie dye cake mix (3)

The outcome was definitely bright. We loved how vibrant the colors ended up being after baking. We poured a few solid colored cupcakes, but really preferred the swirl for the whole tie dye effect.

duffs tie dye cake mix (4)

The practice batch was for us at home, but did the swirl for all cupcakes for the class treat.  

You just mix your cake mix first according to the box instructions. We separated it evenly between 3 bowls. Mixed the dye in each and stirred until pperfectly blended. Then just dropped a little bit of each color in each cupcake holder. 

Normally I would not have used the cupcake liners, so you could see the colors on the side as well. But since they were for school, we thought it would be not as messy but also more sanitary for passing them out as to not touch the cupcake itself. 

duffs tie dye cake mix (5)

The yellow frosting with sprinkles were for our practice batch and looked great.

duffs tie dye cake mix (6)

Gave her a chance to see how well she’d frost them. She did great !

duffs tie dye cake mix (7)

Loved how they turned out. No blending of the colors at all. Sorry for the nasty fingernails next to the beautiful cupcake. Jamie is a little overdue for his manicure.

duffs tie dye cake mix (8)

For the final classroom treat, she picked white frosting with the pearly sixlets on top.

duffs tie dye cake mix (9)

The Duff cake mixes are so fun to make. Always lots of compliments and they taste awesome too !

Anyone else tried one of the Duff mixes?

Or have you tried it yourself at home with no mix?


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