Dressing Up and a Movie

It was Red Ribbon week at school recently. She’s waited one whole year for pajama day. Her favorite day of the whole school year. We were in Missouri, so she missed it. You can only imagine how well that went over. Good thing for a hotel swimming pool, it was the only perk over pajama day we had.

Once we got back, she got to join in on 80’s Day. We pulled what we could from her closet and came up with this. We didn’t have the right paraphernalia to go the leg warmer off the shoulder sweatshirt look.
80's Day (2)

The coat Grandma got her went good with it. I think she got really sick of me singing the 80’s Mercedes song to her before and after school.
80's Day (10)

This is the best we could come up with for Minnie Mouse for Disney Day. We didn’t get a picture of Red Day and Team Day.
Minnie Mouse (3)

Went to opening night of the Trolls movie. You have got to see this movie. It’s a great message, very cute for kids and adults, lots of funny parts and the music was awesome !! I’m not giving any details because I hate spoiling things like that for others. It’s just such a great movie.

What movie have you seen recently?

Are you going to see Trolls? Tell me what you thought.

Do you kids have days that they get to dress up at school?

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