Dogness LED Leash – Review

So excited to share this Dogness LED Leash with you !!  I have tried other products by this company in the past, and this one did not disappoint. Always such great quality and durability with Dogness.  Affiliate link included. That just means, if you purchase through a link in this post, I may make a small profit. It just helps to run this page. 

Now, on to the fun stuff !!

Dogness LED Leash – Review

Before I get into it though, I’d like to run though the fun facts about this leash.

  • USB Rechargeable.  Charge by using a micro USB cable. The same cable for Android devices.
  • 3 Glow Modes.  Solid green, solid red, and flash between the two.
  • Battery Life. Battery should last 3-4 hours depending on the light modes. I fully charged it, and left it on the solid green setting and it lasted 4:45 – 5:00 hours.
  • Visibility. Visibility up to 1000′ in low light conditions. (I tested  about 500 below)
  • Reflective.  The stitching down each side is reflective.
  • Night Safety.  Be seen and be safe.
  • Water Resistant.  From sprays and splashes, not from diving 50 feet under water.
  • Soft Padded.  So much nicer and more comfortable to hold on to.
  • Measurements.  4′ length, 1″ width
  • Swivel Locking Carabiner.  Dogness patented. Built sturdy and durable. It is lockable, but is easy and quick to lock and unlock.
  • Matching LED Collar.  Matching collar is available and sold separately.
  • Lifetime Warranty.  Their products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, “including” chewing through by your dog !!!

The padding is fantastic. Doesn’t dig in to the skin even if you have a dog that pulls like I do. It’s padded along the whole leash. So whether you hold the actual loop, or stick your wrist through it and hold the leash itself….it’s padded throughout the whole thing. This is the type of extra feature that makes a big difference.
Leash - 02 Padded

The swivel locking carabiner is Dogness patented. This sucker is built so sturdy and durable. It’s lockable as well. Very easy and quick to lock and unlock. So much better than any other style of hook I have used. Hands down, the best. They put the extra touches where it’s needed most. On past hooks from other brands, the knob part has broke off many times, as well as they’ve come unhooked right off my dogs collar !
Leash - 03 Carabiner

This little battery pack is where you’ll charge it and the white circle with the dog and cat picture on it is the button you’ll hit to change between the 3 glow modes.
Leash - 04 Battery

Here is the USB port to charge the battery with a micro USB cable. Which is the same cable for Android devices.
Leash - 05 Charger

This does not effect the leash in any way, it’s just a nice added aesthetic feature on the backside of the leash where the battery pack is.
Leash - 05 Dogness Plate

The lights run up the bottom half of the leash.
Leash - 06 Lights 01

Little closer look at the lights themselves. They are not embedded flush down in the material, it’s similar to a button that sticks up a little.
Leash - 07 Lights 02

Just a comparison (in a bright lit room) with no lights, the green and red lights.
Leash - 08 Lights Off & On

The 3 glow modes are solid green, solid red and flashing between the two.

Let’s talk safety for a minute. These bright lights will keep your dog safer (traffic can see them better) and will keep you safer too. This lights create a line from you to your dog. I also think it keeps you safer from a predator. Coming from a female who sometimes walks alone, I think visually seeing you have a dog with you makes you less approachable by a possible attacker.

Also, did you know. The statements written after a dog has been hit, most people report that they didn’t see the dog. They saw a person, but they didn’t see the dog. Let’s keep our fur-babies as safe as possible.

Another fact. Drivers have a hard time seeing at dawn and dusk….when many of us will be out and about trying to get that walk in by total darkness.
Leash - 12 Dark Lights

This looks like 2 rows but it’s just because it’s the reflection on my table which has a glass top.
Leash - 14 Dark Lights

The stitching along each side all the way down is reflective too.
Leash - 15 Reflective

So this is 1 block away, I circled my kid and the lighted leash. She stood in the same spot at night. But my camera had a lot of trouble focusing on the LED lights in this much darkness. I didn’t have a 2nd person to help me at dusk. Technically you can see the lighted leash much better in person, than you can in this night shot. But it gives you a good idea that it’s pretty darn visible in pitch dark conditions.
Distance - 19 1 Block

This is approximately 500 feet. Again, my kid looks like a spec down there, and you can see the lighted leash much better in person than in the picture. It was even more difficult to focus 500 feet away than it was 1 block.
Distance - 20 500 feet

These are just a few random shots of the leash at various different distances.
Distance - 21 Random
Distance - 22 Random

This leash by far surpassed my expectations. The visibility was outstanding. Ease of use was perfect. In the past few weeks, I have had several vehicles pull over and ask me about it. Some wanted to know what the heck it was, some wanted to know where to get one but they all said how well they could see it.

The only thing I did not test was the water resistance. Honestly I just didn’t want to splash or spray water on it to find out. Keep in mind, it’s not waterproof. So no letting it fall to the bottom of the pool and expecting it to be ok.
Leash - 18 Coiled Up

There is a matching collar that is sold separately. I think the collar would be an excellent addition for letting your dog out in a dark back yard. You’d be able to see them way beyond your yard, even if your yard was huge. Obviously the collar is great for all the above mentioned reasons as the leash too.

I think the only other thing people would want this leash to do, is maybe have different color options than red and green. But maybe red and green are the more visible colors in the dark, I’m not sure. Well I know first hand you can see them great that’s for sure. And apparently the several cars that stopped me thought so too.

You can see the video by clicking here. I hope you all have a fabulous day and keep and those fur-babies safe out there in these dark hours.


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