Dogness Double Handle Dog Leash – Review

I recently got a Dogness Double Handle Dog Leash. Have you ever tried one of these? Let me tell you about it. It’s wonderful !!

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Key Points:

  • 2 Handles. Primary handle for casual walks, and the traffic control handle for crowded areas or training. Both handles and the whole leash is soft padded. 
  • Reflective piping on edges of leash for early morning or late night walk. It’s very reflective !!
  • A swivel no tangle lock/hook. Extra sturdy !
  • Durable & strong, it’s thicker than most leashes. Ultra strong reinforced with two layers of quality nylon and neoprene. 
  • Metal D ring for accessories. (I folded and put the poop bags through that so I don’t forget them).  
  • Lifetime Warranty

Dogness Leash (1)

I chose the Medium since it’s the size for both my dogs. This leash is made of such good quality and very heavy duty. Yet it’s also very light and flexible. I do not like those stiff heavy leashes especially for my smaller dogs. The medium is 5′ in length and .8″ in width.

Dogness Leash (2)

The soft padding is just enough to make it quite comfortable to hold. Nothing hurts or rubs your hands. The whole leash is very flexible.

Dogness Leash (3)

Padding is through the 2 handles and along the whole leash.

Dogness Leash (4)

This hook is fantastic !!!!  Finally someone who has thought of a way around those darn snap hooks. Every leash I’ve owned in the past uses a snap hook. Every tie out I’ve owned uses a snap hook. I have always had the button part break off those eventually. This metal locking carabiner is genius. GENIUS !! It’s strong. It’s sturdy. It swivels. It’s easy to hook and unhook.

Dogness Leash (5)

This is the problem I have with snap hooks. The arrow points to where the push part was. That little knob for your thumb always breaks off at some point. So I buy a double snap hook. Until it breaks, then I add another snap hook.

Dogness Leash (6)

I had never used a double handled leash before. I usually just wrap the leash around my hand midway down on the leash. Probably not the smartest thing to do but it worked. This handle was very convenient and did what it was intended for. Keeping your dog close in crowded places, if you want to make sure they stay by your side for close supervision, or if you are simply training your dog to walk nicely by your side.

Dogness Leash (7)

Normally I walk with lose comfortable arms, but I held out the leash in all the picture’s just so that you were able to see it better than if I were to let it drop to my side.

Dogness Leash (8)

Toby typically walks quite nice for me. Except for when we meet other dogs on our walks. We didn’t meet any on this walk, but this control handle will absolutely be fantastic for when we do. We just didn’t have much traffic or other walkers in our cold temps.

Dogness Leash (9)

Very nice to just simply keep them at your side. So much better than wrapping the leash around my hand. I can imagine this extra loop will be great in the park this summer when crowds of people, kids and pets are around. I also like it just to be certain they’ll stay by my side when a car passes.

Dogness Leash (10)

From the hook where the material starts, it’s 15″ to the top of the control handle.

Dogness Leash (11)

My other dog Spencer wanted some of the testing action as well. Let’s discuss unruly walkers. Spencer is always SO excited to go for a walk, that the first few blocks are spent getting his excitement out. After that he walks just fine. Today was pretty cold though and I didn’t want him out too long, so you get to see his wild side. I was thrilled to be holding this handle instead of having the leash wrapped around my hand squeezing it until he gets the ants out of his pants.

Dogness Leash (12)

He weaves in and out, pulls, jumps, hops like a rabbit…..the cold temps apparently are not bothering him. A walk is totally worth it !!  He’s such a punk.

Dogness Leash (13)

If you are not using the control handle, you can just slide the little metal thing down to hold it. That way the handle isn’t flopping around. Not that it’s a big deal, but it’s just a nice little feature.

Dogness Leash (14)

I can’t even begin to tell you how reflective this is. It was really difficult to get a photo in the dark, with a car coming, showing the reflective piping and have the photo turn out. Trust me, people will see you !  It’s really bright.

Dogness Leash (15)

Let’s talk about this Lifetime Warranty. They say, “Our products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, INCLUDING accidental chewing by your dog!”
I mean seriously, who offers that kind of warranty. I thought that was unheard of. 

It comes in several very cool colors. The price point is very affordable given the excellent quality. Check them out on Amazon, they also offer collars and harness’s with the same great quality and workmanship.


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