Dog Update

Thought I’d update you on the boys. They haven’t made appearances on here as much as they have in the past.

They’ve had their fair share of injuries and surgeries the past few years. Toby had some lumps removed. They weren’t harmful ones, it’s just a few were in really bad spots and were bothersome to him. Spencer had a growth removed from his leg. They have each hurt their back jumping off of the bed. And Toby just had another surgery for an ear hematoma.
Toby 1

Currently, Spencer is all good. Just ornery.
Ashlyn Spencer

Enjoying any tiny bit of sunshine we can get these days.
Spencer 12

Toby’s ears are always straight and pointed.
Toby 12

The day we were leaving for vacation, we noticed his right ear drooping. It seemed to be filling up with something.
Toby 3

After we returned from vacation, we found out it was an ear hematoma. From flapping his ears, or scratching, he had broke a blood vessel in there. It was filling his ear flap (not inner ear) with blood. And the picture above, although a terrible quality, you can see how rounded and full it is. They had to drain it every few days.

He was not acting himself either. When Toby doesn’t get up for supper, you KNOW something is wrong. This dog does not miss meals.
Toby 2

After 6 or 7 drains, it seemed to be doing well. For about a week, then it started filling back up again. So surgery it was.
Toby 4

Surgery went well. But the cone they initially gave him ended up being too long. 10 gallons of water all over the floor later… his checkup we got a smaller cone. He couldn’t even eat with the first one. Things are much dryer around here now.
Toby 5

Poor Tobers.
Toby 6

Bandages are off. Things are looking good. Stitches are on the inside of the ear flap. With the smaller cone and the bandages off, he’s a happy camper now !! Acting much better already.
Toby 7

The boys are getting up there in age. Even their barks and howls are sounding croaky. haha  We are hoping there are no more injuries or surgeries for them.

Your pet ever had an ear hematoma?

Are you a dog or cat owner?



  • Cruella March 20, 2019 at 10:13 am Reply

    Glad Toby is feeling better.

    • Everyday Snapshot March 20, 2019 at 10:20 am Reply

      He sure is, thank you !

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