DIY Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover

Wanted to share a new DIY carpet cleaner and stain remover I have made and been using for months now. I have tried so many store bought ones. Some have been okay, some have not at all. In a previous house I’ve had one bleach my carpet (I did a stain test, it just didn’t show for several days). There is one pet stain one I’ve used for years and I’ve been moderately happy with it. But I’ve also played around with vinegar (regular vinegar, not cleaning vinegar) as well since it’s also moderately good. Nothing yet was really good though.

Our boys are both 14 years old. One is showing his age more the other, and starting to have accidents in the house. For awhile it was from a bladder infection. That is cleared up and but it’s still happening. If you are a pet owner, you know accidents and puke just happen. It’s part of the deal of owning an animal. And I swear someone always has an accident within 12 hours of cleaning the carpets !!  And then there are kids in the house who like slime making, painting and crafts…. enough said !!!  Anyhoo… I also use Castile Soap for my hand soap, to wash dishes and to mop all my hard floors. For all my experimenting the last few months I have used the Equate brand in the Lavender scent. It’s easier for me to get a hold of and cheaper.

When there has been an accident. I soak up/blot up what I can with a towel. Then I spray it with a cleaner. Let it sit for awhile, get the carpet cleaner out and run it over the area. Sometimes it doesn’t get all the stained color out, so I’ll have to hand scrub the spot. I eventually get it. Occasionally I sprinkle baking soda over the area too, but that tends to make an additional mess when the carpet cleaner runs over. Because Miss Impatient can’t wait for it to dry thoroughly in order to vacuum it up before getting the carpet cleaner out.

One day, I was out of all my store bought cleaners. Just vinegar and water weren’t cutting. I decided to play around with something new. I dumped in some vinegar, some castile soap and filled the rest with water. No measuring, just willy nilly. I blotted, I sprayed and let it sit. Hours later, I was shocked! There was NO stain mark. So I scrubbed and carpet cleaned and was really surprised and happy. I kept using this process and cleaner until the bottle was gone, going through several pet and kid messes. Been happy with the results every single time. It’s so easy and cheap and actually works.  I’ve gotta share with you !!!

DIY Carpet Cleaner

DIY Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover

  • Use 16 oz spray bottle
  • Fill about 1/4 cup’ish with vinegar (some people prefer to not mix vinegar with Castile soap, works great without as well)
  • Fill about 1/4 cup’ish or less with Castile Soap
  • Fill rest of bottle with water.
  • Give it a gentle shake to mix
  • Use to spot treat stains on house carpet, rugs and car interior. I also use it in my carpet cleaner to clean all carpets in general. I use Castile Soap to mop all my hard floors.

***  It has not bleached or discolored my carpet at all, but please spot checked before using on yours. I have not tried this yet on stains on kids clothes or work clothes yet but will be trying that soon.

Let me know what you think.

Do you use Castile Soap for anything? What?

Have any good stain removal tips, please share?


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