Disney Jr Live – Pirates & Princess Adventure

Grandma, A and I went to see the Disney Jr Live – Pirates & Princess Adventure. It was a very cute show. So good the way they worked in boys and girls interests. 

The popcorn was soooooo salty. By the bottom of the bucket, we all had puffy burning lips. We sucked water and coated with an insane amount of Carmex.
disjr (1)

A short skit form Doc McStuffins.
disjr (2)

Mickey and Minnie.
disjr (3)

disjr (4)

And there’s Sophia the First. I love her show. It has some really great lessons in it.
disjr (5)

disjr (6)

No show is complete without Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.
disjr (7)

The big surprise for the girls was an appearance from Cinderella.
disjr (8)

disjr (9)

Sophia got huge at the end.
disjr (10)

Jake and the Neverland Pirate for the boys. (and girls of course)
disjr (11)

Captain Hook.
disjr (12)

disjr (13)

Big surprise for the boys was an appearance from Peter Pan. Although he almost didn’t appear. Apparently an issue with cables caused a brief break in the show.
disjr (14)

And the end. Where we see them all. Confetti and bubbles everywhere. It was a really good show.
disjr (15)

Ever brought your kids to this one? What did you think?


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