Dip Update – Oranges

Dip Update ! I mentioned I wanted to try this Marzetti Southwest Ranch Dip the other day. I picked some up and am glad I did. We have a winner ! I’ve been through many dips over the last few years and just wasn’t finding one I loved. I was hoping to find a healthy plant based one, that way I could eat lots of it. I did find a plant based one that wasn’t too bad but this southwest one I liked best is good enough healthy for me as long as it’s getting me to eat veggies. Which I do not without a good dip.

Dip Update – Oranges

It was really good with peppers. The orange are my favorite.

Veggie Dips (3)

Broccoli is what I like to try to eat most of but just can’t hack it without a good dip. And it was so good !

Veggie Dips (4)

Carrots … it was not so good with. I’m almost positive carrots are only good with peanut butter.

Veggie Dips (5)

This dip was also quite good with Tostitos, as well as with a grilled chicken breast. Two things I’m thinking it’s also good with, though I have not tried it yet is with fries and on a burger. Possibly on a taco instead of sour cream, as well as on a baked potato. In my opinion, it’s quite universal.

Let’s not leave out the fact that Marzetti carries a caramel dip that is the absolute bomb ! Best caramel ever made !!

Enough about dip. I have one other thing to mention quick. I meant to buy regular oranges for Ashlyn the other day and accidentally bought these. I didn’t have my glasses on and well, from the outside they look exactly like a regular orange. When she said they tasted funny, I then looked at the label. They are oranges but not what she’s used to. So I tried them and loved them !!! They are my new favorite orange. I love fruit with low or no acidity.


Hope you like the dip and oranges if you give them a try.

What new things have you been trying?

Any favorite dips to help choke down veggies?


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