Dawn & Tide Slime Videos

More slime today. Ashlyn made a couple more videos. She was so nervous on the first one and talked very little and very quietly. She let me help with these two and it got her talking a little more. She’ll be a pro before we know it.

Dawn Clear Glue Slime (6) copy

These two are very easy ones. Great for beginners. Great for making big batches to make those large bubbles like in the Slime Bubble post.

Tide Glitter Glue Slime (17) copy

You can view all of our videos as well as these two on our youtube channel.
Everyday Snapshot YouTube

I know sometimes our audio sucks. I’m supposed to be getting a small mic to help that out soon. Her and I both have quiet voices, so if we talk loud enough for the mic to hear us, we feel like we’re shouting. In these 2 slime videos it’s not bad since the camcorder was pretty close to us. But rest assured, our low volume videos should be rectified soon. I hope. 

Are your kids loving anything slime right now?

Do they have any great recipes to share with us?

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