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This is not a sponsored post, nor have I been compensated in any way. I am just truly happy with our shed, the service we received and would like to share it with you.

We needed something to hold our stuff so that we can actually use our garage, as a garage.

Shed (1)

We got the 10×16 Garden Shed from Countryside Barns.  First of all, it was ready way earlier than we expected. So that was awesome. The driver was extremely prompt on delivery day and very nice and pleasant to deal with.

Shed (2)

One thing that was so important to us was how careful he was with the shed, since we tend to be sort of picky people. When you spend money on a large shed like this, I think we have a right to be picky. This guy was so careful with the unloading process. Didn’t just roll it off and slap it in place. Took extra care to make sure there was no damage.

Shed (3)

It was pretty neat to watch this too. I didn’t realize they ran this with a remote control.

Shed (4)

We went over where we wanted it and exact placement. Then he started wheeling it in place.

Shed (5)

It wasn’t the easiest place to get into.

Shed (6)

Just missed the pool !

Shed (7)

Just finagling it in to place. He even helped us discuss the placement of the back of the shed, so that when it rains, the roll off will hit the cement and not the grass.

Shed (8)

One side goes down.

Shed (9)

Then the next. This was the tricky side to get the forks back out with that cement edge there.

Shed (10)

He even got the tape measure out (like we would do).  He got it right where we wanted it, and centered it within 1″  !!  We were super pleased, but he was actually going to adjust it so it wasn’t even 1″ off.  We think that is so awesome !!!  But we said the 1″ is absolutely fine ! Haha.

Shed (12)

Let’s talk quality. We checked out several shed companies. When comparing them, the people who answered the phone at Countryside Barns were so much nicer and more helpful than others. The prices were very comparable to others. The difference is in the quality. In our opinion, the quality of these sheds is way above the others. I will not mention any other company names, but some were so flimsy and had 24″ stud spacing. This shed is so solid with 16″ stud spacing. My photo below got washed out from the sun, but there is a metal strip piece on the wood when you step in, under the door. The doors are nice and sturdy as well. We are so happy with the quality.

Shed (11)

We think it ended up matching perfectly !! Gray house and shed, both white trim and darker gray shingles. Actually, this shed came with an upgrade to a metal roof. Normally we’d have taken a metal roof over any other, but we wanted it to match with shingles.

Shed (13)

Can’t wait to fill it with our stuff and free up our garage.

Shed (14)

If you are ever in need of a shed, I highly recommend Countryside Barns. Check out all the sheds available on their website. You will not be disappointed. We weren’t. They definitely exceeded our expectations.


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