Country Corner – 2019

Back to one of our favorite places. Although Ashlyn is showing signs of maybe starting to be a little to old for these places. Which I don’t understand, I’m 40-something and I’m not too old !
Country Corner – 2019

This big huge blow up bouncy is a favorite though. Looks like for adults too.
Country Corner 006

She didn’t get the bulls eye this year but was pretty close.
Country Corner 011

I missed this one. It was shooting small pumpkins. See that round bin thing out there, it’s white and green? That’s what she made it too. Passed it from what we could tell.
Country Corner 013

This thing she really didn’t want to ride, but it was included in our ticket pass. So, we made her ride it. They go pretty fast, it’s got to be fun !
Country Corner 017

Her and I did the corn maze. We chose the short route, which was only 1 mile and you had to find 6 check points I think it was. Man, is it easy to get turned around in a corn maze. And it was really muddy !
Country Corner 019

I think mining is her favorite thing to do that she’ll never be too old for.  But they didn’t order enough and she got the very last bag. She shouldn’t have gotten the last bag but she did. Thank you kind man for letting us buy it waaaaay ahead of a lot of people.
Country Corner 020

A little warm up by the fire before heading out.
Country Corner 022

I took more picture’s in past years.  Check out 2014 and 2016.

Hope you all had a great Halloween and Fall this year.

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