Contaminated Supplements Story

Have you heard about the recent reports that the New York State Attorney General’s office issued “cease and desist” letters to four large retailers (Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC) for selling nutritional supplements that were improperly labeled or contained contaminants. Testing indicated that what they said was in the ingredients on the label, was not in the product. Or contaminants that included ingredients which could be harmful to people with certain food allergies. Instead of me botching up the facts, click here for the link to the actual article.

We see things like this pop up from time to time. You trust in these companies to provide a good quality product, or at least honestly state on the label what truly is in the product. If you are taking a supplement to help you, you surely don’t want it to make you worse! I’ve heard so many times, “don’t take anything you can’t pronounce” and “you shouldn’t take it if you don’t know what’s in it” and similar comments. So really, what’s a person to do. Have you read the bottles of supplements, hell I can’t pronounce most stuff that I full well know is a healthy ingredient. And what shall I do. Grab a bottle off the Walmart shelf and bring it to the science lab in my bathroom at home….”Aha ! Gotcha, my at home test just exposed all these companies”.  No of course we can’t do that. We have to put forth a little trust in these companies, read the labels, do a little research and hope we are making good decisions. We can only do the best we can when making choices. 


The best choice I made was changing to the Shaklee brand about 5 or 6 years ago. I trust Shaklee science and testing so much, that I do just order my product and consume without question now. That’s how much I trust them. When I see these stories in the news, I have much relief knowing that I don’t have that worry with Shaklee. 

I proudly use and confidently recommend Shaklee nutritional supplements. Shaklee quality and 100% guarantee assures that what’s on the label is in the product. They’ve been around since 1956. You are assured of purity, potency and performance in each and every bottle. Shaklee’s quality control protocol delivers on quality without compromise. 

Sometimes a video is way better than words. Especially in this case. Please take 7 minutes to watch this very informative video.

Shaklee Difference

If you would like additional information on any product, please feel free to contact me (  chot at everydaysnapshot dot com ) I’d love to help you.

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