Compression Sleeves – Review

Compression Sleeves are new to me. I just recently tried my first pair. And you know what, they actually work like they say they do!  Go figure!

This is my first pair of sleeves, so I’m not able to compare these to other brands. This brand is Run Forever. Their customer service has been great by the way. It’s worth noting.
The color was awesome, bright and vibrant. Material is very comfortable and soft against skin. Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

comp sleeves 1

I wore these when on my feet all day, as well as for a few runs, and I walk a lot. They did exactly what they were supposed to, which is compress legs to return oxygen back to the heart for better circulation. 

comp sleeves 2

For so long I always assumed these were for hard core athlete’s, but they are perfect for a regular Mom like me too. I have a busy lifestyle and I fit in fitness as much as possible. After a long day on my feet, my legs/feet do swell a bit. I thought these really helped lesson that at the end of the day. After a run, my legs do feel different. A good different.

comp sleeves 3
 I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Do you wear compression sleeves? For everything, certain things or just running? I’d love to hear your opinion since they are new to me.

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