Coloring Easter Eggs

Clearly, this is quite late getting posted. I figure as long as it gets done before next Easter, we are good!

We used a new dye and went with those plastic eggs. Chika thought she was going to help. She was extremely wrong!! We did not need her help with this, haha.

Coloring Easter Eggs

After moving to the garage, things went pretty well. The new dye was okay, no problems with it. Just messy. The plastic eggs are a very matte finish, so the dye really takes, and the vibrancy of the color comes out more than some dye’s when using real eggs with such a shiny finish.

Dye Easter Eggs (2)

It’s also nice to be able to set them out after your hard work without having to blow the yoke out of the real eggs in order to leave them out for decoration afterwards.

Dye Easter Eggs (3)

Dye Easter Eggs (4)

Blending and meshing the colors together went fairly easy. Just real messy with the liquid dye. The only thing that we disliked, and this is only a thing with us, not a default of the egg… we couldn’t stand the feel of them. They are so matte that it’s like touching a chalkboard, and that we cannot seem to handle that feeling!

Dye Easter Eggs (5)

We just displayed in a bowl on our table. When I woke up the next morning….

Dye Easter Eggs (6)

…someone was having a blast with them !!!  haha

Dye Easter Eggs (7)

Hope all your Easter Egg decorating went well back in the Spring. I always strive to keep things current and updated, but it just never seems to happen. Oh well, accept it for what it is. Happy Belated Easter everyone.


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