Coloring Easter Egg with Shaving Cream 2017

Tried something new this year. We colored our eggs with the shaving cream and food coloring technique. 

Start by filling shallow pans with shaving cream. Not the gel kind, the foam kind. Our instructions said an inch deep but I thought that was too much. I’d go less, I think more color would get on the eggs with only about a half inch’ish deep.

egg coloring 2017 (1)

Choose your color schemes. You don’t want to do more than 2-4 colors together in the pan, otherwise they’ll mix to much and you could end up with a pretty yucky color.

egg coloring 2017 (2)

Smooth it out.

egg coloring 2017 (3)

Put several drops of your chosen colors in.

egg coloring 2017 (4)

Then you’ll gently swirl your colors together until you like the look. We first used a toothpick and it just wasn’t swirling good.

egg coloring 2017 (5)

So we got a straw and it was perfect.

egg coloring 2017 (6)

Put an egg in, roll it straight down the pan until it’s covered.

egg coloring 2017 (7)

Set them out to dry. Which they won’t dry dry, as in hard dry. But you’ll see the coating looks sort dryish. About 10-15 minutes.

egg coloring 2017 (8)

They all have such a different look to them.

egg coloring 2017 (9)

Or you can just pick it up and swirl it around too.

egg coloring 2017 (10)

Take a paper towel and wipe it all off. Don’t worry, the food coloring has already done it’s job.

egg coloring 2017 (11)

Some turned out very light. I think these were the pans that were heavy on the shaving cream.

egg coloring 2017 (12)

The ones with less shaving cream were brighter.

egg coloring 2017 (13)

This one looked pitted. But could be from my pricey high dollar 42 cent eggs.

egg coloring 2017 (14)

But overall, they turned out pretty.

egg coloring 2017 (15)

Ashlyn set up a photo op for the eggs.

egg coloring 2017 (16)

We were happy with it and had fun. So we call it a success.

egg coloring 2017 (17)

Even though this post is a couple weeks late, I hope you had a very nice Easter.


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