Color Easter Eggs

These are the Easter Eggs I had on my Touchstone Crystal table recently at a vendor event. Don’t you just love the sparkly eggs !?!?  (plastic fake reusable ones, we didn’t make these)

egg coloring (1)

I tried to match my nails up with the blue eggs, close to the Touchstone blue color.  They were more sparkly and glittery but the camera just couldn’t capture that.

egg coloring (2)

Many times we get a creative from scratch idea on the internet, but things were a little busy this year. So we tried a new one. We went with a few of those kits. And this is one I’ve never ever seen before.

egg coloring (3)

You mix the color with rice !!!  Which I didn’t know I needed because I didn’t read the box ahead of time. I figured a kit comes with everything. You know…a KIT. As in everything you need inside.  Nope, you need rice. I didn’t have quite enough, so it’s half rice and half quinoa.

egg coloring (4)

Put an egg inside the baggy. Then you shake the bajesus out it.

egg coloring (5)

And you get these. We mixed some of them with several colors but like the plain colors best.

egg coloring (6)

Kind of a neat speckled look, but got more solid the more you shook it.

egg coloring (7)

This is the next batch. And everything in this kit was everything we needed. No extra surprises.

egg coloring (8)

Soaking them the same old way we have for years.

egg coloring (9)

Then leave them plain.

egg coloring (10)

Or add the stickers and shrink wrap deco that came with it.

egg coloring (11)

I think in past years, we’ve liked the saving cream way best and just painting them by hand. Sometimes after coloring them in the bowls, we paint designs on top of that.


What is your favorite way to color eggs?

Any tips or heads up on what ways to avoid?



  • Carol Loftus April 8, 2018 at 1:33 am Reply

    Cool so the glitter eggs you had on your post you made? Impressive! But you don’t have enough purple Easter eggs lol

    • Everyday Snapshot April 8, 2018 at 1:44 am Reply

      Whoops – I didn’t make that clear. I bought the glitter ones. But you get credit for the nails. The base is a Perfect Match blue you gave me, and the glitter top coat is a kick-ass one you gave Ashlyn. I had a few people compliment my eggs and nails and not the jewelry !! haha

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