Christmas 2018 – Canvas Paintings

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and brought in the new year safely.

The boys had fun opening their treats Christmas morning. They love tearing up the paper after Ashlyn opens her gifts.
Christmas 2018

She got a whole bunch of stuff. Lots of neat, crafty, hands-on and slime things. A neat stuffed animal that you can heat or freeze (like an ice pack/heat pad). When it’s heated, the natural scent of lavender oils comes out. It’s pretty cool. But you do NOT wash these, so don’t get them dirty. “Someone” didn’t know this, and washed her previous one, and well….Santa got her a new one.
Christmas 2018 (2)

We were extremely excited with our new electric blanket from Santa. Until we quickly realized…..

it really wasn’t ever ours.
Christmas 2018 (3)

Christmas 2018 (4)

One cool new thing Ashlyn made with her new Instant Snow is Cloud Slime. It’s really strange at first, it looks like this. Millions of little tiny white particles. That poofs up when water is added, to make Instant Snow.
Christmas 2018 (5)

When you add other ingredients, you get Cloud Slime. Which resembles a cloud of course.
Christmas 2018 (7)

But when you stretch it and let it drop, it’s the strangest neatest feathery stuff you’ve ever felt. It’s like cotton, feathers, slime and clay all in one.
Christmas 2018 (6)

Her main gift was a craft bench. If you know this girl at all, she loves her crafts and homemade stuff.
Christmas 2018 (8)

I want to just show you some of her canvas paintings she’s painted with some gifts from family. But I was disappointed because the colors just did not show up well in the photo’s. They look so much better, more bold in person. But here they are. I think she did great for not working with these types of paints or canvas before.
Christmas 2018 (9)

These two palm tree on both of these photo’s are charcoal over the paint.

Christmas 2018 (10)

Christmas 2018 (11)

Christmas 2018 (12)

Christmas 2018 (13)

I did the Grinch.
Christmas 2018 (14)

Christmas 2018 (15)

These were made with a Crayon Melter. Which is pretty cool and an excellent way to use up old crayons.
Christmas 2018 (16)


Enjoy your day friends.


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