Chika’s New Fishy Friends

We went to a local fair recently. Ashlyn and her friend played the game where you toss a ping pong ball over those little bitty bowls and if you get one in, you win a fish. That no one ever really wins at, or the extreme very few. Ashlyn won 5 and her friend won 3. They give you a card to pick up the fish before you leave so you don’t have to carry them around.

Chika’s New Fishy Friends

We are not equipped for fish but figured we’d get by fine with only 5 of them. When we were done at the fair, we headed back to get our fish. The lady handed Ashlyn 4 bags, Ashlyn says but I gave you 5 cards. The lady happily got her another bag as I’m realizing, “Hey WAIT, there are multiple fish in EACH bag. You have way more than 5 fish.” I tell the lady this and she just smiles. NO, take some back. As I keep trying to explain to the lady we won 5 individual fish, not 5 bags of 5 fish. She just smiles and says that’s ok. Um, no not really !!  I asked, “Is this some kind of last day of the fair special?” She says, “Something like that.” with a big grin. OIY.

Fair Fish and Chika (1)

Ashlyn’s friend had the same ‘deal’. Her 3 bags consisted of 15 fish. We had 25. Her mom put the kibosh and said she could only have 10, since she probably wasn’t planning on fish at all either. Therefore, we had an extra 5 for the grand total of 30 fish. We had to upgrade our fish supplies that we first intended. Several didn’t make it. This was our very first fish tank so I’m sure we didn’t do everything perfectly, but we did use the help of google to figure it out. We also read how fair fish (especially the ones on the last day) are probably not the best cared for nor are they in their proper conditions.

Fair Fish and Chika (2)

As you can see, after the trauma of being kept in bags at the fair they also had to endure a little trauma from Chika. At first, they stayed at the bottom of the tank for days when she was near. But as you can see, they are getting used to her.

Fair Fish and Chika (4)

The remainder of the fish (17 or so, they are hard to count while swimming) are doing very well.


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