Chanelle Necklace & Tri-Wrap Bracelet (video)

SO excited !!!  Got my new Tri-Wrap Bracelet today ! It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful. It’s fabulous.  I’ll keep my babbling to a minimum since there’s a video today.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (16) copy

Easily going to be one of my favorite bracelets. Going to go with so many different outfits. So comfortable to wear.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (14) copy

In the video, I am talking about the many different ways you can wear our Chanelle Necklaces. One of our best sellers and you’ll see why.

These can be worn as 3 separate bracelets or link them together and wrap it around 3 times as I have done here.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (3) copy

Coming in 4 fabulous colors !!!!  I definitely need them all.


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