Celery Experiment

We have recently done a pretty cool celery experiment. It was through Ashlyn’s school. We started it at home and then all the kids brought theirs in.

They filled a glass jar with water, then chose a food coloring color. Ashlyn chose blue. Once each child chooses their color though, you usually end up with quite the rainbow of colors.

Here is the start. Color is in jar. She just added the celery.
Celery Experiment

The center stalks that are lighter are better to use for this experiment, since they are lighter in color. They will then show the food coloring better.
Celery Start.1

After 24 hours, it had absorbed quite a bit of the color.
Celery Day 1

Just a closer look.
Celery Day 1.1

This is around the 48 hour mark. At this point she brought it in to school, then they had spring break. So we have not seen them in awhile.
Celery Day 3-4

It looks kind of pretty actually ! Hopefully they get a picture of all of them from school. If they do, I’ll post an update.
Celery Day 3-4.1

Definitely something fun to do. The whole point of this experiment was for the kids to see (visually see through the food coloring) how plants absorb water from their roots.

Have you tried any cool experiments with your kids?

Have you tried this celery one?


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