Catching Up

A few random things that we’ve been up to.

Helping Daddy in the dozer.
dozer (1)

dozer (2)

Getting cute little haircuts.
haircut (1)

haircut (2)

haircut (3)

A pair of new kicks for me. Don’t realize how bad you need them sometimes until you get a new pair.

Swim lessons been making someone very sleepy very early. Not sure what Spencer’s excuse is.

Nephew A- turned 16.
a bday (1)

Going to have to peddle long and hard to get to work on the big wheel.
a bday (2)

I couldn’t find the photo I was looking for. I have a picture of him as a baby in this White Sox outfit. Would have been a great ‘then’ to the ‘now’ picture below. He was 2 in this photo.
a bday (3)

a bday (4)

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