Catching Up – Again !

It seems as though I’m always explaining why I’m so behind on here. So no more explaining, I’m just simply behind, permanently. Deal? 

So let’s start with food, shall we. Since you just cannot go wrong there. I have made several versions of cinnamon rolls from scratch, and they are very good. Sometimes you just don’t want to mess with it. In the frozen section, the Rhodes brand of cinnamon rolls are so very good. Just let rise and bake. Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

Such a good helper cleaning windows. The glare makes it look like she has a cast on, but she does not.
cleaning windows

A little water fun at my nephews birthday cookout. Doesn’t look like it’s starting out too fair since Ashlyn appears to be the only one with a gun so far.
aaron (1)

It was hot, easier to just soak yourself.
aaron (2)

Again, looks very fair to me. Run birthday nephew run !
aaron (3)

Getting the dog on her side, smart girl !
aaron (4)

aaron (5)

Trying out fun braids.
braid (1)

braid (2)

braid (3)

braid (4)

Waiting so patiently for their supper.
dogs waiting for supper

Spent an afternoon preparing 14 dozens ears of corn to be frozen. Ashlyn did way better than we thought and stuck with it pretty long. Probably because using a knife is fun at this age!
freezing corn (1)

freezing corn (2)

freezing corn (3)

freezing corn (4)

freezing corn (5)

Ashlyn took this with her camera. A forced hug for Spencer.
me and Toby

The prettiest sunset I’ve seen in quite awhile.
purple sunset

Rain, rain and more gosh dang rain. At this time, it was raining every couple of days and we were so sick of it. The grass had to be mowed constantly. It has since slowed down.
rain (1)

rain (2)

Barely got a double rainbow out of it.

Shaklee Mango Smoothie with fruit for a quick on the go lunch. And it was good !
smoothie on the run

Summer Reading Pizza Party.
summer reading (1)

Ashlyn got 1st place in her grade.
summer reading (2)

Ran (3/4 of it anyway) in one of my favorite 5K’s this summer. Strides for Students. Such a good cause and has the prettiest shadiest course through the campgrounds. 
Photo credit goes to Strides for Students.
Strides for Students (1)

A 5K friend I met last year at this very race. 
Photo credit goes to Strides for Students. 
Strides for Students (2)

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