Cat Loves the Kart

We haven’t talked about Chika in awhile. Let’s talk about how goofy this cat is. She loves water! She loves going for walks on her leash! And apparently, she loves hoverboard kart rides!

Cat Loves the Kart

Ashlyn wanted to try it. I tried to discourage it. Just didn’t think it was a good idea. She kept her leash and harness on and went super slow. At a snail’s pace. Sure enough, Chika settled in and got comfy. She did go a little faster but not much. It’s really funny the looks you get when a car drives by and does a double take even when we walk her on a leash let alone this.

Chika on GoKart (1)

As you can see by how relaxed she is, she absolutely loved it and kind of got mad when we stopped and took her off. She’s such a funny goofy cat.

Chika on GoKart (5)

Product links: hoverboard (can’t find her exact one), hoverboard kart, cat harness

What funny unique things does your dog or cat love to do?

Do your animals love the opposite of what is typical of them (like a cat and water)?

How many pets do you have? Names?


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