Cardinal Causes Minor Midol Moment

One morning while working, I heard thump, thump, click, click, then a frantic thumping and fluttering sound. Some red bird at the patio door. I shooed it away and went back to work. The thumping and clanking and pecking came back seconds later. So cute. Little bird wants in. 

cardinal (1)

By 10:00 am this was not so cute. It was constant. I put a chair up against the window, with a high contrast in color’s coat hanging on it. The bird would attack above and below the chair/coat. If I did not shoo him away, the dogs go attack from the inside. Which is not ideal with Jamie working nights and trying to sleep during the day. This was the most persistent little sucker I’ve ever seen. Closing the blinds didn’t even help. It went on, ALL DAY LONG. 

cardinal (2)

The next day, he’s back. I had left for awhile, Jamie was sleeping on the couch. When I returned he was awake, which surprised me. When I asked about it he said it was a little hard to sleep with a little birdie pecking at the window non stop !

Day #3.  Constant pecking, thumping, fluttering up and down the window, barking, shooing, returning, pecking, thumping, banging.  We came up with more window deterrents. To no avail. We assumed this little guy just really wanted in our house. 

cardinal (3)

Day #4.  I’ve done gone bat-shit-crazy at this point and have decided they don’t sell enough Midol to relieve the raw nerves in this house because of a freaking bird !!!

cardinal (4)

Since I can’t work well, I decided to Google ways to rid ourselves of this bird while not following through with the in-humane thoughts I was contemplating. 

Turns out, this little Cardinal does not want to be our friend, nor does he want in our house. Apparently, Cardinal’s are VERY territorial, and during mating season this window and mirror slamming is quite common. They are trying to scare away and/or attack any other male that threatens their territory. So they see their reflections as another bird, therefore doing what they can to get rid of them. So what we have here is a highly agitated Cardinal protecting his women from his no fly zone. 

cardinal (6)

That female ought to feel pretty darn special. No man has ever fought for 96 hours straight for me before.  
cardinal (7)


  • Jan March 26, 2015 at 1:16 am Reply

    Oh no!!! Glad you felt loved by being stalked for so long at least. 😀

  • Everyday Snapshot March 27, 2015 at 1:04 pm Reply

    Yea, haha, that's probably what kept me from wigging out sooner. My Mom bought Ashlyn about 10 sun catchers to paint. We hung them all up on that same door/window. Either he was done, or the sun catchers worked better than our other attempts.

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