Cape San Blas, Barrier Dunes in Port St. Joe, Florida

We just got back from vacation. As in a real vacation. Which we haven’t been on in a very long time. And I’m soooo ready to go back. Permanently! Even though it was chilly while we were there for Florida, 65 degrees. It was still way better than 4 degrees and snow. Aside from the long drive, everything was great. It was a relaxation style vacation.

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We stayed at Cape San Blas vacation rentals in Barrier Dunes in Port St. Joe, Florida. Wendy was wonderful to work with and had excellent communication in planning our stay. We stayed in the unit called Sea Breeze. It was large and very homey and beachy. Well stocked with everything we needed. And close to the beach! Which we went to everyday. All the grounds are kept very nice and clean. There are several pictures of A in a bunch of spots within their gated property (in the link below). The sand is so white and nice. The shells that washed up everyday was very fun to root through. The dogs are confirmed beach bums now and are definitely ready to go back. Spencer, who likes water, took to the waves instantly but backed off a bit after too much salt water. Haha. Toby, who hates water, eventually warmed up to it. A little bit. But he was all good lounging on the beach.

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I’m not going to post many pictures within this post because I have a link to them on the Snapshots page. I took close to 700 pictures, so I chose wisely and will only make you look at just under 200 of them. Sorry so many, but I have several people interested in seeing them. One of the biggest reason we chose this place was because of the private beach access. And oh my goodness was it. I think we passed 12 people all week, and 8 of them were the same people. You talk about A having one big huge sandbox to herself !

Now, you all know my fear of sharks right. If not, well, I’m a major chicken shit when it comes to oceans and sharks. For obvious reason. Attacks are on the news constantly. But I love the ocean and beach part of it. After being attacked on our Disney Cruise a very long time ago, by a 25 foot great white, I vowed to never return in the ocean water. My episode on the show I Shouldn’t Be Alive should air soon. Oh alright, so I fell asleep on my floaty and floated too far out and got woke up when a 2 inch little fishy flopped on my mat. Same thing. 

But it was A’s first time and all. One day the water was so calm, clear and blue. You could see every shell and every step you took. We didn’t have suits on, so I said I’d take her out a little ways. I was feeling quite brave. 

Had I seen this ‘before”…….
florida2013 (4)

I’d have never done this.
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Our little friend was about 30-40 feet out I’d say. 

See our photo’s over on the Snapshots page under Florida 2013. There were a ton and way too many to put all in one post.You can also view them in this video.


  • Jan January 1, 2014 at 6:12 pm Reply

    Looks like pure bliss! Glad you had such a good time.

  • Everyday Snapshot January 1, 2014 at 8:14 pm Reply

    We did ! And we already want to go back. People ask 'so what did you do there?'. I get a blank look when I say 'absolutely nothing'. It was great to just chill out with no busy schedule.

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