Camping with James

This year was very light on the camping, due to our move and an extremely busy schedule. But we did manage to steal my nephew for a couple days and had a great time. Despite the heat. And mosquito’s.

camp (1)camp (2)

We did lot’s and lot’s of fishing.

camp (3)camp (4)

Ashlyn catching all of them is the norm.

camp (5)camp (6)

Proof to show you what happens when her bait hits the water. We attempted to walk the trails.

camp (7)camp (8)

The dogs were super excited for a trail walk. But it went extremely quick and we went on the shortest one. The mosquito’s were intolerable. I’m surprised they didn’t carry any of us away after they ate us alive.

camp (9)camp (10)

The fire didn’t dull the skeeters at all, but we all love over the campfire food. Oh there she is again with yet another fish.

camp (11)camp (12)

Another one. She’s not gloating to the others at all while she danced around with her fish shouting “Got another one, got another one!”

camp (13)camp (14)

Spencer and Toby love to ‘people watch’ while there.  Oh yes, she got another one.

camp (15)camp (16)

The rest of us tried until the sun went down. We got a couple. Probably because someone else already caught all the rest.

camp (17)camp (18)

James decided to try another spot, away from Ashlyn and her good luck.

camp (19)camp (20)

Spencer and Jamie thought a little nap time was needed.

camp (21)camp (22)

Toby loved having a bunk mate. Apparently James didn’t mind either.

camp (23)camp (24)

camp (25)camp (26)

Another one.

camp (27)camp (28)

Tried a little night time fishing. Didn’t really pan out for anyone except Ashlyn.

camp (29)camp (31)

camp (30)camp (32)

No camping is complete without a popcorn and movie night.

camp (33)camp (34)

Do you enjoy camping?

Do your kids kick your butt in catching fish too?

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