Camping Itch

We are patiently waiting for this last bit of chilly weather to pass. The camping itch is in full swing. 

Looking forward to the bonfires and cookouts, fishing, talking and laughing around the campfire, the forced break from real life busy-ness.

Taking the dogs on so many walks they can’t keep their eyes open, fresh is so different when you’re relaxing and not working, it’s good for everyone. Still not sure I’m ready for s’mores yet, I got pretty burnt out on them last season.

fishing (3)

Going on nature walks, scavenger hunts on the trails, bringing out good ol board games, playing in the sand and dirt, the screams of kids playing hard, washing all the dirt off of them at the end of the day just to be repeated the next day.

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What is your go to enjoyment for the summer? Got any great camping tips or fun ideas for us?

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