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We camped at a new place this past weekend and loved it.  It’s very nicely kept, clean and pretty. But best of all….quiet and relaxing. That’s what we like and it’s hard to find.  Many campgrounds turn into party places. Not this one. I think we found a keeper. 

While there, Ashlyn was dying to go fishing. This was only her second time going and she ended up doing very well. She caught 7 or 8 fish, with another 3-4 that got away. We aren’t sure exactly on the catch, so we are going with 7, some of them fish look so similar when you go back through picture’s.  Though I realize these type of photo’s get boring for the average reader, they are mainly posted for Grandpa & Grandma’s sake. Grandpa is a fisherman and Ashlyn insisted each fish be labeled and documented for him. And realistically, I don’t have any average readers to bore, so it’s a win-win. 

gg camping 01

This little covered dock area was very nice for sitting & chillin out.
gg camping 02

She’s pretty much doing it all on her own except for anything to do with the hook of course. At this point, we weren’t catching anything. So we tried several more spots. 

gg camping 03

That’s when “a little friend” paid us a visit very, very close to us and she went running and screaming from the area. 

gg camping 04

I have to admit…this snake was not exactly a baby.
gg camping 05

gg camping 06

We got her to come back, but no feet were coming down off this bench.
gg camping 07

She opted for a sand break.
gg camping 08

This cute bridge led to one of the several trails. We didn’t have time to check them out this time, but hoping to next time we are here. Well, that’s not true. Ashlyn actually wanted nothing to do with the trails because of the snake. Hoping that fades by the next time.
gg camping 09

So pretty everywhere you look. And so many places to fish without being on top of each other.
gg camping 10

Here we go. All of them were caught in about a 2 hour period.
Fish #1
gg camping 11 fish 1

Fish #1 again.
gg camping 12 fish 1

Fish #2
gg camping 13 fish 2

Fish #3
gg camping 14 fish 3

Fish #4
gg camping 15 fish 4

Fish #4
gg camping 16 fish 4

Fish #5
gg camping 17 fish 5

Fish #6
gg camping 18 fish 6

Fish #7
gg camping 19 fish 7

This made for a very happy 2nd fishing camping trip.
gg camping 20

Can’t wait to go back.
gg camping 21


  • Jan September 3, 2015 at 2:16 am Reply

    That last pic is so sweet! The snake…not sweet at all. Ewww! Looks like you guys are becoming pro fishermen! 😀

  • Everyday Snapshot September 3, 2015 at 1:26 pm Reply

    I always love those photo's taken when they don't know you are taking them. Yea, the snake. It was really hard to pretend to be all calm and cool for her sake when I was scared shitless myself. Was glad she went running, because then I could too ! Nothing like a slithery surprise to spoil the fun. It was only a couple feet from our feet. AKK!

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