Camping – 1st Trip 2020

Opening weekend for our campground just happened to be gorgeous perfect weather !! We took advantage of it and we got a spot. Our campground is not a huge one, which is why we love it. No offense to anyone, but we go here to get away from people, not to see them. haha

We hit our fishing challenge strong and of course Ashlyn caught the most. She always does. And hey, don’t judge the below picture. We were camping. Camping means not doing hair or make up, not to mention no one has been to a salon in months. Eh, the fish didn’t care.
Camping – 1st Trip 2020

Here she goes… ‘caught one’, ‘caught one’, ‘caught one’…. yeah, yeah, yeah !
Camping (2)

Evening fishing was great except for the bugs. It was really buggy all weekend but we are not complaining. We were just happy to be back here.
Camping (3)

I have no idea what she’s doing in this picture. Just being goofy like usual.
Camping (5)

And a fire of course, and you can’t have a fire without smores. Love the sitting around the fire to end our day.
Camping (4)

Do you love to camp?

Tent or camper?


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