Caldesene Protecting Powder

I think I’ve posted about this on one of my old blogs, I thought I had on this one, but apparently I have not. After discussing it with some friends recently, I feel I must revisit it here for you. Some links may contain an affiliate link where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

They should have named this miracle powder. If you have had a baby in the past 7 years, you no doubt got this in your gift from me. If you have one in the future, you will no doubt get this in your gift from me. It’s my signature gift. Now if being known for butt powder as a signature is cool, then I’m way cool. Butt powder. Maybe that means I’m an ass. Well, either way, this is good stuff. 

While Ashlyn was still in the hospital when she was born, she had a real bad diaper rash. The crabby nurse (they all have one) told me to use that really thick stuff, Gorilla Glue, wipe it off with every diaper change and reapply. This stuff was awful, and apparently quite painful on raw red skin. 

So another nurse, the nice one (good thing for the majority of them) told me to grab some Caldesene Powder on our way home, that it was way better and easier and more effective in her opinion. 

baby pic

So we did and we’ve never looked back.  You sprinkle this on, and by morning all redness is gone. Every. Single. Time. I still have this in the house today. It was the best thing ever to have, especially during the baby years. I highly, highly recommend it.


You used to get it only at drugstores. These days Walmart and Target carry it as well. Obviously Walmart is the cheapest, about $4.something.  From CVS or Walgreens, I believe it was about $6.something.  But it does last a very long time. They do have a smaller one which is great for the diaper bag and leave the big one at home. 

We used it for mainly diaper rash, or any red butt issue. I also sprinkled a little on at night, just to prevent it also. Supposed to help any chafed skin issue. Truly an excellent product. Give it a try if you have not. 

Do you have any Caldesene stories? I’d love to hear them or tips you have. 

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