Broccoli Sprouts – Kind of a Fail

Hey Guys ! Where have you been? Or more like, where have I been ?! Eh covid, colds and life, same ol excuses. haha.

Well, I tried growing my own broccoli sprouts. Apparently, I need to tweak some things but I didn’t do it completely wrong either.
Broccoli Sprouts – Kind of a Fail

Bought my lid and seeds. I already had the jar. I know there is a dirt way but this jar method seems easier.
Broccoli Sprouts (2)

It did say to start with 2 tablespoon but I wasn’t using as big of a jar and I didn’t want to waste them if they didn’t turn out, so I started with 1 teaspoon.
Broccoli Sprouts (3)

You are to rinse and soak overnight.
Broccoli Sprouts (4)

Then you drain and rinse the next day. That’s when you start the rinse, drain and store upside down thing, 3 times a day. Which I did, and drain them very well as it said.
Broccoli Sprouts (5)

Some things I read said to store them upside down in a dark, cool place such as a cupboard for the first several days. Others I read, said to store them on your counter from the start but also upside down. This round, I chose inside the cupboard.
Broccoli Sprouts (6)

As I did this, they just didn’t do what they were supposed to as quickly as they were supposed to do it.
Broccoli Sprouts (7)

Eventually they did start to sprout.
Broccoli Sprouts (8)

Again, they just didn’t look like they were supposed to at this point. Around this time, they should finish out the process on the counter. Most said ready to eat between day 4 and 6. Mine just started sprouting by day 5 and 6.
Broccoli Sprouts (9)

Then you rinse good, get all the shells or hulls or whatever they are called out. And lay them out to dry. They have to be very dry.
Broccoli Sprouts (10)

I read to store them in an airtight container and also read to store them in a container with no lid. So I’m not sure what all the right answers are. I’m just going to experiment until I get it right, because the health benefits from broccoli sprouts are immense.

One test I read, to make sure they are good and no mold or bacteria got to them, is to do the smell test. I have an over sensitive nose so this should work. Once dry, before storing, they smelled just fine. But once I put them in a container with a lid, placed in fridge, and got them out the next day, as soon as I opened them I smelled an off smell. So I tossed them.
Broccoli Sprouts (11)

Back to the drawing board. I’m not going to try to hard at this but will try it until I run out of seeds.

Have you tried to grow broccoli sprouts or any other kind of sprout?

Any good tips for me?

What do you put them on?

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