Branson, MO Vacation

Last year we went on vacation to Branson, MO and stayed at Still Water Resort. It was fabulous, we loved it ! This resort sits on Table Rock Lake, which is a very nice clean lake.

01 Jet Ski

Here is the back of our condo, leading right up to our lakeside fun. So convenient. As you can see, a super short walk. I didn’t get any photo’s of the inside before we really made ourselves at home, then we started having fun and I just completely forgot. (way more photo’s in general in the video below though)  The rooms in this condo unit were very spacious. The bathrooms were big and one big jetted tub. Kitchen, dining room and living room were great size and open floor plan. The back patio was great. But the beds in this place were soooo very comfy. They make it really hard to leave.

02 Condo

This was our view everyday. About the time you went out on your deck with your first cup of coffee, you could hear the boats starting up. It’s a lovely sound.

03 Condo view

I think they have great amenity options to keep the whole family having fun. Boating, fishing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, paddle boats, kayaks, swimming pools, mini golf, sand volleyball, play set, and more !! Everyone we dealt with was very nice. They also have a great little store on site. You can grab your necessities, a pizza, coffee or donuts. The grounds are kept up and look immaculate.  Then on the last night of our stay, they had a big bonfire for all the guests. It was so nice !

04 Condo view 2

This was definitely one of our favorites. It was the first time we had ever tried paddle boarding and we got the hang of it pretty quick. Although, there is a difference in the adult and youth boards. If you don’t pay attention to what you have, you will sink that sucker. People working at the marina were very nice and helpful. It’s easy to check out what you’d like to do and switch from one activity to the next.

05 Lake Fun

Kayaks were fun too ! Anything on the water was fun! That’s where we spent the majority of our time. We know there is so much more to see in Branson, but we were perfectly happy right here on the water.

06 Lake Fun

The jet skiing (boats and pontoons) was an extra fee, but everything else you see in the photo’s was all included in our resort price.

07 Lake Fun

Can’t go wrong with lounging. I could definitely do this everyday.

08 Lake Fun

The lake serves as a giant swimming pool too. I preferred the lake to the pool. The pool water was freezing ! To the point of hypothermia, so only Ashlyn swam in that. We were there in October though so you can expect chilly water at that time. But the lake holds heat a little longer and was perfect temperature.

09 Lake Fun

There is a little more paddling effort involved in these than you’d expect. I’m thinking he made her do all the work.

10 Lake Fun

Very nicely kept mini golf course. Ashlyn put up a good fight, but ultimately lost the bet for who’d win. For once, it was not her. She usually kicks our butt in everything.

11 Condo Fun

Oh the water slides !!!!  She only went down them about a million times.

12 Condo Fun

Very nice looking pool too. They actually  have 2 pools and were in the process of building an indoor one while we were there. Looks like we’ll have to come back to check it out when it’s done. Actually it might be done now.

13 Condo Fun

Pretty spread out with different areas. Chairs and tables, beds, shallow end, waterfall, zero entry pool edge on one side, hammocks…hot tub.

14 Condo Fun

We made sure not the miss the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery (a trout raising facility). Shortly after we had been there, a southwestern Missouri teenager found a dual headed rat snake and is now being kept here. It’s unusual and rare. It’s a nonvenomous western rat snake. I believe I read it was found under the deck of this family’s home. It also said both heads eat too.

15 Fish Hatchery

One of those little areas you pull over for sight seeing and viewing had the coolest rocks for taking nice photo’s. So pretty.

16 Rocks for Pic

Dixie Stampede is not to be missed if you are in the area. They serve you your meal all throughout the show. It’s a pretty neat show of course, but the food was amazing !!!  So very good. And you will not be hungry when you leave. Completely stuffed actually. Cannot say enough how good the food was.

17 Dixie Stampede

Here is a 5 minute video of photo’s to see more of our fun. I highly recommend visiting this area if you get the chance. The only thing we didn’t get to go to was Silver Dollar City, and it’s only right down the road from this resort. Maybe next time.

Where have you been vacationing?

Have you ever been to the Branson area?

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  • Megan July 12, 2018 at 8:17 pm Reply

    This looks like so much fun! We were just in Missouri last week, but we didn’t stay anywhere this cool. (My kids would have been stoked to have that water park)

    • Everyday Snapshot July 12, 2018 at 8:51 pm Reply

      We are all ready to go back !!! So much fun stuff to do, and all right there. And so much to do outside of the resort, but we never got that far. Resort was too fun !

  • Missy July 12, 2018 at 9:10 pm Reply

    Wow, that was a lot of amenity options. I would try each of them. 🙂 We have been vacationing in Canada recently. We have not been to the Branson area yet. Soon we will.

    • Everyday Snapshot July 12, 2018 at 9:55 pm Reply

      Makes it nice for family’s, something for everyone ! Oooh, Canada is beautiful. We’ve been there a few times. Their lake water is so crystal clear.

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