Bluetooth Car Kit Transmitter – Review

Well hello there. I’ve been playing around with one of those bluetooth transmitters for your car lately. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are 100% my own. There is an afffiliate link included, which just means that I may make a small profit at no additional cost to you.

We have one vehicle with bluetooth capabilities and one without.  This is the a Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Wireless Earpiece.
Bluetooth Car Kit Transmitter – Review

This is really easy to use and set up. It’s pretty small and compact. Just insert it into the car cigarette lighter, tune the transmitter’s frequency to the same FM frequency as the car radio. Scan until you find one. Pair it up with your digital device (both Android and iPhone) and you’re ready to go.
Bluetooth Transmitter (2)

There are volume buttons on the transmitter and on the earpiece as well. On the transmitter, those buttons are also used for next and previous song. As far as playing the music from my phone via the bluetooth to my car, it was so easy and sounded really good. I have no complaints at all. The music and calls sound great actually. I’d say this one is in the inexpensive range. I listen mostly to music and podcasts.
Bluetooth Transmitter (3)

Earpiece fits snug in it’s holder but is easy to pull out for a call too. The earpiece is pretty small. Much to my surprise you can hear really well on it. It’s so short I didn’t figure it would pick up my voice very well. The people I called and talked to said I sounded good as well. Earpiece itself is about 2″ long. Very light weight.

So once you receive a call while you are playing music while driving, just pick up the earpiece and put it into your ear. You can now talk privately. Nice for when you have others in the car. If you are alone, you can also take the call via bluetooth through your car speakers. The black button on the earpiece is the answer and hang up button.
Bluetooth Transmitter (4)

There is a micro charging port on the earpiece and a Type C Port and USB Charging on the transmitter. And then of course the frequency channel button.

The dual charging ports  are nice to charge 2 devices at one time if needed.  You can charge the headset by placing it back in it’s slot or with a micro charging cable.
Bluetooth Transmitter (5)

The part that goes in your ear is pretty comfortable and did stay in my ear. Even after a 20 minute phone call, it still didn’t hurt my ear. Calls are very clear I thought. It does have some noise reduction stuff in there, so that’s a plus. The noise reduction did not work on kids in the backseat though !! Oh well, maybe they can keep trying on that one, haha. Either way, hands free calling is the safest and this sure is a nifty little gadget. And it’s just plain nice to listen to what I want. I can get pretty bored with the radio. But I’m sure as heck not upgrading this vehicle just so it has bluetooth, I’d rather have this $20 transmitter do that.
Bluetooth Transmitter (6)

This is all the room it’s going to take up. Not bad at all.
Bluetooth Transmitter (7)

Here is just a visual to see the size and how that earpiece fits.
Bluetooth Transmitter (8)

If your vehicle doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities and you’d like it without breaking the bank, I do recommend this one. I didn’t find anything about it that I didn’t like. It worked great !!

Just remember, Christmas is coming too.


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