Birthday Fun

So this post is very late, but that’s just how I roll sometimes. Here’s a quick recap.

She wanted a rainbow layered cake, and much to our surprise…it turned out really good. 

bday 01

Colors were bright, super good and moist.

bday 02

Had a very small party this year, which is nice sometimes to break up those big ones.

bday 03

Got them all blown out. Hope she made a good wish. That involves lakes, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, oceans, beach houses…..oh shit wait, that’s my wish. Never mind.

bday 04

bday 07

Bath bombs, those squishy animals that are so popular right now, slime supplies…

bday 08


bday 09

Boxes remain to be fun at any age.

bday 10

So obviously I crop out or put a face over other kids for privacy reasons. Ashlyn saw it and said “I WANT ONE”. So they all 3 got a privacy block face.

bday 11

Lots of fun roller skating ! My phone just didn’t want to take real clear picture’s in there with all the motion.

bday 14
When you don’t have the real Twister game, you improvise with colored foam blocks.

bday 15

Popcorn and movie time.

bday 16
You just can’t go wrong with a bath bomb gift. She gets it, she makes it, I use it !!!  It’s a win win. And they smell really good too.

bday 18

bday 19

bday 20
So you know the slime craze we are in right now. This is what we came up with for school treats. Slime cupcakes !!

bday 21

They didn’t turn out as we originally planned, but still turned out great. They didn’t look like we were thinking, but it ended up being easier than expected.

bday 22

Hope everyone out there having a birthday has a great one !!

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