Bike Safety Rodeo

A’s school sponsored a Bike Safety Rodeo event this past weekend. It was an extremely busy weekend with soccer, baseball and track going on. So not very many kids could participate, but what a good cause it was and so neat for the kids. I volunteered to help and A. had to come with me that day before and after the event to help set up and take down. They gave her a volunteer shirt too for helping and boy did she think she was a big girl that day. 

First, an officer went over rules of the road, hand signals, what to do in certain situations and a general talk about bike safety.
Bike Rodeo (1)

Then they had their bikes inspected. They were very thorough too. Before doing the course they also had their helmets checked for proper fit.
Bike Rodeo (2)

They rode and weaved through cones, with Stop and Yield signs.
Bike Rodeo (3)

Simulated hoola hoop pot holes.
Bike Rodeo (4)

Pedestrian crossing lesson.
Bike Rodeo (5)

They ended it with a little bag of goodies and informational material.
Bike Rodeo (6)

And a certificate of course.
Bike Rodeo (7)


  • Jan May 15, 2014 at 11:55 pm Reply

    That is so cute! She looks very proud @ the end.

  • Everyday Snapshot May 16, 2014 at 1:26 am Reply

    It was really cute! They are hoping to add to it for next and do bike giveaway's and some extra fun things. It was kind of nice for her being a country kid for most of her years, to learn about proper town riding. The officer there was very neat for them. Kids love that.

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