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This post has been a long time coming. I finally have used enough product that I have to take a moment and love on this company a moment. They are called Bend Soap Company.  There are no kickbacks for talking about them. I have just been using their product for close to a year now maybe, and just want to share my honest opinion with you. When I find something I like, I like to share it, you might like it too.

All their products are natural handmade farm fresh goat milk soap products made from this amazing family from Bend, OR.  I found them in a random internet search while looking for something for my own skin problems. I have a skin issue that falls in to the eczema family. Products, environment and food all make a huge difference in dealing with it. Although these products are not a cure all for me (because so many things factor in to skin issues, it’s so complex), they are amazing because they definitely do not agitate it further. It’s very gentle and hydrating. Natural with very minimal ingredients. So I can use them with 100% confidence that it won’t cause further problems. I’m a customer for life that’s for sure. Anyone with skin sensitivity knows how valuable a good product can be.

I started out using the bar soap and loved it.  Awhile back I entered a contest they had. You had to make a video tossing out your toxic products and replacing them with non toxic safe ones. I was one of the lucky winners !! I was shocked because I never win anything. It opened me up to trying so many more of their products.
Bend Soap Company

Their packaging is very aesthetically pleasing. The people are so very nice. I’m just going to run through the products that I’ve actually tried and used. They have more than what I’ve tried though, so check out their website. In my opinion, it’s all very reasonably priced too.

Please check out their website for all the specifics and ingredients. But in a nutshell they use goat milk, coconut oil, red palm oil, olive oil and essential oils. There are NO GMO oils, steroids, parabens, sulfates, dyes, alcohol, phthalates or aluminum in any of their products. Their site is a clean, easy to read, to the point, full of great information with an organized layout.

Let’s start with the lip butter. Oh the lip butter. This was a favorite. Even the skin on my lips is sensitive to products. I tried all these, I don’t have a preference for the flavor. Like them all ! They are not glossy, more matte. They are clear, not tinted with color. They go on very smooth. They soak in and stay on good. I felt like it did hydrate really well. I’ve had many lipsticks, glosses or chap sticks actually feel like they dried my lips out more. I have this at home, in my purse, car and at my desk. I really, really like the lip butter. Read more and see the ingredients here.

Bend Soap (2)

Natural deodorant is something I had never tried before. They have a section on their website with information on switching to natural deodorant. The first one I tried went well. Once I got used to it, and learned you are actually not supposed to clog all those armpit pores. You should in fact sweat out toxins.. I did like it but I didn’t like sweating extra on a warm summer day if I was going somewhere or wearing a tank top. So I usually switched to my old deodorant on those days. Then I tried one out of my basket I won, and my pits broke out in a rash. It was then I learned they have a baking soda one and a baking soda free one. I think the baking soda one helps more in the sweating area but I clearly have a problem with baking soda. No surprise !! I have a problem with everything. So the one with it may work better in my opinion, but not everyone is ok with it so the baking soda free option is available. Check out the deodorant and it’s ingredients here.

Bend Soap (1)

The milk bath is another good one. It’s shredded up pieces of the soap. You toss some in to your bath or foot bath and it’s softening and hydrating. They dissolve fairly quickly. And you can feel the water changing as they dissolve. I have also tossed some into my laundry as well just because their soap cleans really good too. I should use this way more often than I do because I love the product very much. I really think it would be good for my skin to soak it more. It’s just that I always seem to run out of time in the day. I have a very hard time carving out time for a soak. Check this out here.

Bend Soap (3)

The sugar scrub is fabulous also. I use it on my hands mostly but have used it on my face, lips and feet. Amazing for all. You can feel the softness when you’re done. But I always use it right before bed. In my thinking, by using it before bed it has all night for the oils to soak in and do their thing. This is one I should do weekly but tend to only use it when I think about it. I’m always so glad I did and always chastise myself to be more firm in taking a few moments for myself and skincare. Check out it’s wonderfulness here.

Bend Soap (4)

The goat milk lotion is one of the first things I tried. I have a lotion that I only wear at night or when I’m not going to touch anything because it’s so heavy and thick but it helps and I like it. But this goat milk lotion is something special. I can wear it daily at anytime with no greasy feeling. It soaks in right away and there is no nasty residue left. I use it on my face (morning and night) and whole body. Mostly on my hands throughout the day, because I can still grab a pen and use my keyboard without feeling slimy. You can use the cap (push cap type) or pump. Read about it here.

Bend Soap (5)

The soap is what started my Bend journey. It’s my favorite of faves. So versatile. I’ve tried them with the essential oils in them and do love them, but my skin just likes the unscented and oatmeal & honey best. I actually do not have a problem or reaction to using the ones with the oils, it’s just my preference. These amazing people at Bend Soap send a travel size soap with every order !! It’s a great way to try new scents and it’s just plain nice of them ! That one little free travel size soap makes me so happy with every order ! It’s the little things.

I use this for as much as possible. I started by using it as a body wash, shaving cream and face wash. I read on their site you can wash your hair with it, I’ve done that. I really love using it to wash my dishes! It does an amazing job. And my hands never have to touch dish soap again. I also scrub my sink with it. I’ve recently been trying it out using it on stains on clothes before washing them. It’s worked good on fresh stains, I’m still playing around with it on old stains. If you are traveling and don’t want to mess with leaking bottles or trouble getting them through the airport, this is a great option to bring just one product that doesn’t leak. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of soaps. It’s been a big game changer for me. Check out the amazingness here.

Update: I have an update a day after I posted this. While giving you links for this post yesterday, I was skimming through Bend Soap’s website and I knew the general story of how their soap business started. They wanted to come up with something to relieve their son’s eczema symptoms. But I somehow missed the part about they really only used the soap. They let him soak in it because it was helping the itching. They said they let him soak a couple times a day and it was basically gone in a week. Read about Chance here. Anyway, I use the soap in the shower, at the sink, on my hands, face and body. I have the milk bath (shredded up bars of soap) but like I said, I rarely have time to soak. So I haven’t used that much of it and was really using it as a foot soak. So, currently my hands are really, really bad with a dry, itchy, red rash. (again eczema related). I thought, “how did I miss that part”. So I filled the sink and soaked my hands only 3 times so far since yesterday. I kid you not, there is a noticeable improvement. I just went to lunch with a friend yesterday and showed her my hands. I wish I could see her today to show her the improvement. I tell you what, I’m going to soak my hands in a milk bath 2-3 a day for 1 week. I’ll report back here in a week. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this very important step !!!!

Bend Soap (6)

The foot scrub brush is really nice. It does it’s job of removing dry dead skin (after soaking), it’s just that time factor thing again. I seldom take time to soak my feet in order to use the scrub brush. So when I’ve used it, I have really like it. It just still looks new because I need more self care time. It’s here on the page of accessories.

Bend Soap (7)

Now this overly used loofah bag gets used every single day. I should have used their stock photo, mine is very mush used. A loofah will help sluff off dead skin. I believe they say you can put the bar of soap right inside this bag. Create a good rich lather and then scrub away. But I prefer to put my hand in the bag, rub it on the soap til I get a good lather, then scrub my body that way. Just the way I like to do it is all. Either way, I love this sucker. It doesn’t irritate my skin but gives it a nice little scratch or something as you wash. In a feel good way. It dries well and never gets nasty. Find it in accessories.

Bend Soap (8)

A great 4:00 minute video about the family behind all this goodness. They share how it all started when trying to help their son’s eczema.

Remember I said with every purchase, they send me a free travel size bar of goat milk soap. Well, along with every purchase, they also donate a free travel size bar of goat milk soap to a organizations helping those in need. Their Buy One Give One Program. Regardless of the products or order size.  This includes people suffering from extreme eczema and psoriasis, children and adults battling cancer and anyone with sensitive skin. Fantastic right !

Again, it’s Bend Soap Company from Bend, OR.  They are on my bucket list to visit sometime. I want to meet the people, pet the goats, watch how it’s made and pray that they are in business for the remainder of my life because their products have been a true blessing to me. I hope by sharing this, it is to others as well. Any relief from a skin issue is a huge relief.

Have a great day friends.


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