Back At It

I think I am finally getting caught back up. While I was sick I didn’t take one picture or come up with one single blog post. Just let it all go.  

We’ve not been doing much, just typical ‘stuff’. The rental properties grass has been growing at the speed of light, so mowing has consumed much of our time. 

We had Ashlyn’s Reading Carnival at school last week and it was so much fun. With great weather. I got to help with the popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy booth. As you can imagine, it was a BUSY one. And sticky! Oh my goodness, you ever ran those flavored quirt bottles for the snow cones? Well, that bucket of water the nice teacher placed there was much appreciated ! It was fun, the kids had fun, I love helping with that event. If you remember last year, Ashlyn’s name got drawn to throw a pie in a teachers face. See that video here. Well this year, she got chosen again. And the teacher was the wife of the teacher she did last year. And it’s her current teacher as well. BUT I didn’t hear her name called, so by the time I saw her up there, I had no time to get my camera/video ready. So I have nothing from it. But hoping the teacher that was taking picture’s will post them so I can have a few.

Getting my sneaks back on and in motion. While sick with that deep chest cough thing, it was pretty difficult to breathe, so I took several weeks off from any form of exercise to hack my lungs up. Feeling better now. Signed a good friend and I up for our first 5K of the year coming up soon. We’ll be walking it. Need to get back in the swing of running again. I slack off in the winter. Especially this winter with our move to WI and back. I’m a weenie when it gets below 30 degree’s. So their -18 was no where near my comfort zone. 

run feet

This is late, but I hope all you Mama’s out there had a great day on Mother’s Day. I don’t have a nice recent picture of Ashlyn and I. Heck I probably don’t have any recent one of us, let alone nice. But this is always one that I liked from when she was 2. We were at a park and we balanced the camera on the picnic basket and quick ran and laid down for an auto timer shot. 

mom ash
Hope you all are healthy, well and have a great day. 

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