Awesome 5K Shirt

We got the best shirts at a 5K I was in a few weeks ago. Don’t you love them ? I walked it with a good friend. Nothing better than a good 45 minutes of chat time. It was a nice morning race, which are so nice in the summer instead of the afternoon in the heat.

Awesome 5K Shirt

I didn’t do so well with my 5K’s this year. I have only signed up for 2 and was only able to do 1 of them. I might have a chance for a 3rd in the fall but we’ll see. Oh wait, I did do that 100 mile challenge that I turned into a 200 mile challenge. Guess that counts. Forgot about that one.

I recently saw this and it made me laugh. Because well, it’s pretty darn accurate !!!

GPS Watch saying
Keeping this post nice and short while we ease in to the start of school and getting used to our new routine and schedule.  Basically, I need time to get my shit together.

I’ve got a lot more to post soon. Hope you are all having a great day.



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