Arbor Day Tree – Stormy Run – Lighted Balloons

Tree’s came home from school for Arbor Day. Got it planted. Now we just hope for the best. I don’t know why but plants, new tree’s and shrubs are so darn needy. All they want is water, water, water. And it seems so hard for me to do that. I wonder if artificial tree’s next year would serve the same purpose.  Something for our school to think about next year for our family. 

It’s really just a lack of watering thing. I keep my family watered, alive and well, how can I be expected to remember plants as well. 

arbor day

You really can’t go wrong starting your day out with this. Only thing it could use is more strawberries. There’s yogurt under all that somewhere.

fruit and yogurt

Made it back from a run this morning just in time before the rain and thunder let loose.

dark weather

Grandma got Ashlyn some funky balloons. They are lit up. When you get them, you pull the tab to start the light, then blow them up. Ah-hem, don’t blow them up too much. You’ll be left with only a light when balloon part explodes. They were pretty cool and stayed lit way longer than the package said. She made some sort of hanging disco balloon collage thing from her ceiling fan.

Lighted Balloons

Ever had the lighted balloons?

Did you get caught in the rain today at all?

Not a question, but I really hope you can keep plants alive better than I can. 

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