Aposen Cordless Hard Floor & Carpet Stick Vacuum – Review

Hey guys!  I’ve got a great post for you today. I’ve been using the Aposen Cordless Hardwood Floor & Carpet Stick Vacuum Cleaner lately and really loving it !

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You can use it short handheld style. A medium length. Or the full extension.
Aposen Cordless Hardwood Floor & Carpet Stick Vacuum – Review

Here are some of the basic specs for the vacuum.

  • Cordless (35 min run time) High or Low, H120
  • 2200 Mah Lithium ion Battery 35 min at 6 kps Low, 18 min at 10 kpa High
  • Can detach battery to charge, or use with a spare to vac longer.
  • Carpet and hard floor. Hard wood, carpet, tile, marble, etc (soft brush)
  • 12 degree Hepa sponge filtration. Clean floors of dust, pollen, allergens, hair, food. Sponge is washable.
  • Floor head, crevice, round pet hair. Pet/sofa brush, regular vac head, crevice tool. Hand held tool, with or without wand.
  • Wall mount, extension wand, lightweight and quiet
  • Easy assembly
  • Room to car (like dust buster without wand)
  • Flexible angle, under beds, cabinets
  • Height – floor brush 3.7′ – 4.65′
  • Dust canister, no bags
  • Hair cleaning tool

You get everything in this photo.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (1)

This hair cutting tool is THE best to cut hair out of the brush.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (3)

For me, this is much lighter, easier and quicker to use than getting the shop vac out, which is big and bulky. This thing was so much quicker and easier, my car will probably get vacuumed much more often.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (4)

Attach either the brush or crevice tool with no extension.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (5)

You can add only 1 piece of wand for a medium length.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (6)

Behind the desk is somewhere that never got vacuumed before. I can reach behind just about anything with the medium and full extension to clean easier and more often. Honestly behind the desk only got cleaned before when we moved houses.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (7)

Easy baseboard cleaning !!!  So much nicer without lugging my big vacuum around with me. So I’d never do it. Now it’s easy peasy !!
Aposen Stick Vacuum (8)

Let’s not even discuss how gross and infrequent my vents got cleaned. This vacuum is so lightweight, it’s not hard on your arms or back at all. No more pulling my big vacuum and the hose not being long enough, and having to lift my huge heavy vacuum while up on a step stool too. No more step stool ! Takes only seconds to switch this vacuum up to get different areas of your house. Really, only seconds.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (9)

Cleaning everything around here lately !
Aposen Stick Vacuum (10)

The couch is one of them places.  You might think you are a clean person…. until you take your couch cushions off. Ewww. This is a no judgement zone right!
Aposen Stick Vacuum (11)

And under my stove never got cleaned prior to this stick vacuum. Still won’t reach all the way back, but hey, it reaches far enough.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (12)

Lightweight enough to get those cobwebby corners.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (13)

Everything is a quick button.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (14)

No bags!! Just one little quick flip of the clip, and dump and done. I also love that I can SEE the filth in my house. Makes my vacuum job seem more accomplishing than when I can’t see it (in a bag).
Aposen Stick Vacuum (15)

One section of the extension has all these little notches and you can stop on any of them to get the perfect length for you.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (16)

It came with the holder to fasten to the wall but I haven’t decided on the perfect spot for it yet. It will need to be next to an outlet. You can detach the battery and charge it where ever you want, this is what I’m doing right now. Or attach it near a plug and plug it in without even taking the battery out.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (17)

You can seamlessly go from any hard floor….
Aposen Stick Vacuum (18)

to carpet…
Aposen Stick Vacuum (19)

to tiles….
Aposen Stick Vacuum (20)

to rugs. As far as hard surfaces, it’s a rock-star. It sucks up great, it rolls greats, the floor head is small so you can maneuver it really well around table and chair legs, in and around corner, under things. The swivel where it connects to the head is awesome!! As far as carpet and rugs, it seems to be doing a good job there too. If a fuzzy or an unidentified object is a bit stuck to the carpet, it may not get those until I loosen that with my foot and then it gets it. I also vacuum the carpet on the High speed. Just because my house is small enough I can do all my carpet without recharging the battery and why not. The brush is soft for hard floors too.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (21)

We have 2 dogs, so there is plenty of shedding. This dog sheds way more than the other one. And this is the one that sleeps in bed with us. During the summer, our summer comforter shakes right off. In the winter, our electric blanket does not shake hair off as easily. Seems to want to stick to it more. Which irritates me, but I tried using the brush tool and it work fine, so did the crevice tool. But you know what worked the best, getting this dog to actually wake up and get off the bed, making the bed and once the covers are all smooth… vacuuming it with the floor head !!  Works like a charm. The other problem is, this vacuum is rather quiet so it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (22)

Charging has 3 lights, they decrease as you vacuum and it goes down. When you charge it they will flash. Once charged, you will see solid lights. They say you should get 35 minutes run time one Low speed and 18 minutes on High speed. I’d say thats darn close. I live in a house that is fairly small, it’s only about 950 sq ft. A mix of hard floor and carpet. I can vacuum the whole 2 bedroom house on High speed, at a nice slow rate, getting it real good and it brings the battery down to the 3rd light. So I still have some left if I want to go over spots, or just vacuum until I wear it all the way down. If you are not able to vacuum your whole house on one battery, you could always purchase a 2nd one and keep them both charged.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (23)

So first 3 lights after battery symbol are battery life. The last round light next to +/- symbol shows Low/High Speed. When it’s blue, it’s on low.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (26)

When it’s pink, you are on High Speed.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (27)

You can also attach your tools if you’d like. I prefer them not attached. I know I’m the odd one, most people want them right there. But I take the extension apart so often and so many different ways for different jobs, I just like the attachments to be kept where I store the vacuum (in the closet). But the option is there if you like.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (24)

The small floor head size has pros and cons. Well for me and my house size, it’s all pros and no cons. It fits underneath just about everything in my house. Going under the bed real far, under the dressers, night stands, couch, chairs…. I love it.  Since it’s smaller, you are making extra passes in order to just simply vacuum your floor. But that doesn’t bother me at all since my house is small. If you had a huge house, I can see this being a problem. But for me, the small size is amazing !!!!
Aposen Stick Vacuum (25)

Ok, now for the embarrassing part. I couldn’t write this up and not show you. But I really don’t want to show you. Let me just say, I am a clean person. I swear. I promise. Here goes….Because we have pets, I vacuum daily. I rarely miss a day. Dogs and kids just tracks stuff in. Can’t be helped. In between the hair and dirt/dust ball, you can see it does pick up pieces well too.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (28)

I was real happy with the scuzz it easily got from my floors.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (29)

Let me show you the very first time I vacuumed with it. Again, I’m clean, I promise !!  This vacuum is so quiet and lightweight, it gives you the feeling that it’s cheap and isn’t doing a good job. I think our brain tells us heavy and loud is doing a better job. This thing has proved me otherwise. Look at the crap that is around the filter, let alone the stuff in the bottom !!!  I had to stop half way through and empty that and pull the scuzz off before I continued !  So either I am not a clean person, or my old vacuum is not doing a good job, or this vacuum is doing a really, really good job.

Seriously though, that’s just gross. I’d say this vacuum doesn’t have super duper great suction power, but it has decent enough it was picking up candy corn (orange item in there) and all the other crap. I am very impressed with it’s performance every single day.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (30)

Something worth mentioning. The last 2 days I have really noticed a decrease in suction. I took the wand off and noticed this area plugged. I think when I vacuumed the gray comforter on our bed, the fibers from being a new one and the dog hair combined, sort of plugged it up. So if you have brand new carpet or rugs that might be a spot to occasionally check and clean out quick.
Aposen Stick Vacuum (31)

Overall, I am more than pleased with this sucker. I am loving vacuuming everyday and feeling the joy of seeing how much crap I pick up each day.  Also, the HEPA filter in here is something I really liked too. When you sweep, you actually toss some of that dust and dander back in to the air. This is supposed to trap the dust, dander and pollen in the Hepa filter. The sponge is washable. I forgot to take a picture of this the very first time I cleaned it. It clearly was trapping A LOT of dusty crap. Here is where you’ll find it to clean it periodically.

Aposen Stick Vacuum (32)

I think it’s very reasonably priced too. Check out the full specs if you like by clicking here, Aposen Cordless Hardwood Floor & Carpet Vacuum Cleaner. Seriously, this vacuum is my new best friend. I kid you not when I say, I’m actually excited to vacuum each evening !!! I truly love this thing. Everything about this vacuum is easy and quick. Making your tasks doable, not daunting.



  • Cruella December 20, 2019 at 10:03 am Reply

    That just might be the perfect vacuum to get for our upstairs so I don’t have to lug the big vac up the stairs and all over. I like battery power too!

    • Everyday Snapshot December 20, 2019 at 10:34 am Reply

      I’ve been loving it. Haven’t used my big heavy one since getting this. The battery is nice! Like I said it feels like it could have more suction power, but when I look at what it picked up, I’m (like yuck first of all) apparently it’s got enough. All so easy, compact and lightweight.

  • Tony Randall Earhart March 14, 2020 at 3:40 pm Reply

    Mine won’t run more than 5 seconds it’s only 3 months old

    • Everyday Snapshot March 14, 2020 at 6:33 pm Reply

      Oh no !! I’m not sure what type of return or warranty they have. Mine is going on 3-4 months and still great at this point. I do have to clean the filter weekly, which is expected. I’d check with them and see what they can do, hopefully something for you!

    • Dee marie October 15, 2022 at 4:41 pm Reply

      mine did as well

      • Everyday Snapshot October 15, 2022 at 6:35 pm Reply

        Maybe they had a bad batch of them. Contact the company and see what they say. Mine has ran great. I’m so sorry you had trouble with yours.

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