Antique Archaeology (American Pickers)

Ever been to the Antique Archaeology store in Le Claire, IA ?  We love the show American Pickers.  Every time we eat at our favorite Sneaky Pete’s restaurant…we’ve never realized how close we were to this place.
American Pickers (7)

After eating we of course have to go down by the water. She’d stay there as long as you let her. Walking around, playing, discovering things, throwing rocks in the water. Hours and hours.
American Pickers (1)

Except for today, because she wore a really light weight coat (sometimes they just don’t like to listen) and it started snowing.
American Pickers (2)

Since it was so cold, we didn’t stay long.
American Pickers (3)

Then we went over and checked out Anitque Archaeology. It was a Sunday, so they were closed but our nose prints were left on a few windows.
American Pickers (4)

Took a few photo’s. Didn’t set any alarms off.
American Pickers (5)

Really cool place, we’ll have to go back when they are open.
American Pickers (6)

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