Adventureland Fun

This past weekend we went to Adventureland. We’ve been meaning to for the last few years and it just finally worked out.
Adventureland 005

Best part about a Ferris Wheel is how much of the park you can see.
Adventureland 004

The ski lift was so cool. It brought you from one end of the park to the other. Which was nice to get to the other side and give your feet a break. It brought you right through and over top of the rides.
Adventureland 016

We rode it many times and this was the only shot of the roller coaster going through at the same time. I only had my small pocket camera and those roller coasters are FAST. Hard to snap a picture of when you want it and time it perfectly when we are going through the loop.
Adventureland 013

So, I have a problem with rides that go in circles and spin. Up and down, I’m fine. Straight forward, I’m fine. Spin…circles….not so much. One would think the tea cups should not be a problem. You would not believe how fast these suckers spin !!! I looked at that steering wheel in the center and they both knew not to help out the spin. I seriously would hate to puke getting off the tea cups.
Adventureland 018

Circles….couldn’t ride.
Adventureland 022

Fast up and down type circles, there they are in that second bucket on the right waving.
Adventureland 026

Two of my favorite things about this place. Most rides are ran by older retired folks, therefore super duper nice, respectful and pleasant. Love older folks !!! And the grounds are kept so clean. Very seldom do you see trash laying around.
Adventureland 027

Tilting and spinning…ugh.
Adventureland 032

Now the train I could handle !!!  Nice and easy. And straight forward.
Adventureland 034

This one sucked and no way would I have survived it.
Adventureland 039

She got to play 1 game. We prefer to buy from the gift shop instead of dumping money in these games. Because at least she’s guaranteed a prize that way.
Adventureland 041

I was disappointed that the line for this water ride and the white water raft ride had lines about 2 hours long. We probably rode 10 other rides in that amount of time. So we skipped them, but really wanted to ride them.
Adventureland 042

This was Ashlyn’s very first non-kiddie roller coaster ride. She was in no way prepared for how fast they go !!!!  Other than the scared shitless look on her face a few times, she liked it.
Adventureland 043

I barely got a picture of this one it went so fast and after that quick picture I couldn’t even watch. Got that queezy feeling just watching it.
Adventureland 045

We really wanted to ride this one too. Well Ashlyn wasn’t so sure, we wanted too but no way we were doing the 2 hour wait. And yes, roller coasters I can do (usually).
Adventureland 046

We did the bumper cars many times. Fun stuff right there. Look at her face, she’s after someone.
Adventureland 051

Adventureland 052

This Space Shot ride…not sure how’d I’d have been on this one. Maybe fine. Probably fine. But it was too neat to not get a video of, so I volunteered…just in case.
Adventureland 054

Shoots you up and right back down. Towards the end, notice this other kids shoe falling off. Haha !!! (video 1.09 long)

Captain Hook’s huge boot. Obviously, probably didn’t need much explaining.
Adventureland 056

The landscaping is very pretty throughout the park as well.
Adventureland 059

We were so exhausted. Our feet hurt so bad. Sweaty with no water rides. Just plain whooped. Long day but a fun day.
Adventureland 061

So the following day, Ashlyn notices the back of my legs and asked what the heck happened. I take one look and I knew!!  I knew damn well what ride did this.  TEA CUPS !!!  It’s vicious people, be careful.
Adventureland 062

Hope you all had a great day too !!

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