Hello !  I’m Michele, the writer behind this blog. I am a 40-something-ish wife and mom. I have several part time jobs that I do from home. I quit my full time job when I had my daughter. After experiencing the working from home lifestyle, I’ll do just about anything to avoid going back to an 8-5. This allows me to be around for all the school events, programs, appointments, days off, fun days, sick days….flexible to make it all work and not miss a thing.  I first started this blog like many people, just to share photo’s with my family. Now it still serves that purpose, but has grown to so much more. I’m still learning everyday and have a lot of future plans for this blog. It’s far from perfect, but I like it kind of imperfect with mistakes, blemishes and bloopers along the way.


Here is my little gang. We are just your typical family. Busy as heck, working like crazy. In our off time, we love everything outside. Camping, fishing, biking, swimming, lots of swimming and whatever else we can find to do. Actually it’s my daughter and I who will go find anything active to do. My husband hangs back and does the more mellow activities and yard work. We are not party animals, very much homebodies. You’ll find us grilling out and sitting on our porch most weekend nights.
Family pic by canal

Married Jamie back in 2000. You’ll see him on here from time to time, but we are on opposite shifts and schedules. Plus, he’s not real photogenic and this is kind of ‘my thing’, not something he chooses to do. So he sticks to behind the scenes but will appear occasionally.


My stepson Devin is grown with a wonderful family of his own now.  You won’t see much of them, since they did not choose to be public, I have. But they are well and doing great.  Ashlyn is a turd and keeps us on our toes.

eat (12) family pic (2)

And of course, you’re familiar with these guys. Toby and Spencer. Spoiled, sweet and rotten all at the same time. How’s that “not allowed on the furniture” rule looking?

Toby Spencer

Anything to do with the beach or lake is what we love most. That’s where we’ll be when given the chance and time off.


That about wraps it up. We really are not that exciting. That’s probably a good thing.

family pic (1)

Just one more. It’s my most recent favorite. And we are so, so , so ready to go back here.
Jet Ski