A Good Day Fishing

Last minute we decided to go to a local place to see how the fish were biting. We are expected a very hot next few days and we have not been fishing at all yet this year. Our camper is not even ready to camp yet. We have way too many projects going on at home to where we are slacking everywhere else.

Fishing at Johnson (5)

We were really happy that we got ‘the’ table. Actually, hardly no one else was there which is nice to not have so much other bait in the water.

Fishing at Johnson (8)

Such a pretty day. While there, we saw people rent some kayak’s here, which we did not know they did. So….we’ll have to be checking that out.

Fishing at Johnson (7)

These little guys were biting very well. Ashlyn likes to show off and keep a tally of how many we all caught. Which is fine, she totally deserves bragging rights.

Fishing at Johnson (4)

Her grand total was 33, mine was around 15. But I get to explain here. When you fish with her, you get her pole ready first, while you are getting yours ready she’s yelling Got One !. So you take care of hers, get her ready again, grab your pole and you hear Got One ! So you set yours down, get her fish off, get her ready again, grab your pole and you hear Got One !   I think you get the picture of how this works.

Fishing at Johnson (3)

As long as we use wax worms, she can bait her own hook. Regular worms are too slimy and wiggly, she can’t hold on to them to get them on the hook yet. And she’s not mastered getting the fish off the hook yet either.

Fishing at Johnson (2)

We headed out after a few hours so we didn’t get headaches in the heat. So much more fun for her when they bite like crazy like this. I remember her first fish she caught, took 3 hours of patience. Today she caught one every 3 seconds.

Fishing at Johnson (1)
Have you been fishing yet? Or are late like we are?

Been camping yet? Or are late like we are?

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