2020 Blog Update

Hello Friends.

I’ve been getting some questions on my frequent quiet spells on here this year and my lack of reviews and just quietness in general website wise.  Well, 2020 people. It’s been kind of a dumpster year, in more ways than one.

Reviews: I have not been doing reviews this year at all. I have been approached by some brands but I’ve turned most things down. Reasons vary: some things can be quite time consuming, I only except things I would truly use and have an interest in to keep it very authentic, with things being so hard for families and businesses this year I just haven’t wanted to do it and quite honestly I just haven’t had time. Reviews just seem irrelevant right now when many are struggling financially or with deaths and sicknesses. Just not the right kind of time to put the right effort into it. Just hasn’t felt right.

Places: With so many places shut down, social distancing, stay at home orders and trying to help keep it safe…. we have not been going places. Therefore, there’s not been much going on to share with you and our home life is really not that exciting. haha

Busy & School: As odd as it sounds, it’s been the busiest quarantine year ever. For staying home so much, I haven’t even had time to read a book or watch any TV shows I like, we have not been baking like many have, we have not picked up any new hobbies. School has been – interesting. In school, remote learning, quarantined, in school, remote learning, quarantined….. all the back and forth has been just so busy and exhausting, along with trying to get my daily life and house stuff done.  Although I have gotten a couple things off my to-do list and we of course did get basically our whole house updated. So I have squeezed extra home stuff in.

In a Nutshell: All is good. The blog is still going and there when I have something for it. It’s just hit a slow, lack of content and busy time this year. If you are not already signed up, you can sign up to receive an email every time I do post something new. Then you don’t have to keep checking back. It will just show up in your in box.

I’m not sure what it is… never mind I know what it is. I am not that person that can’t wait to get out of the house. I am the person that can’t wait to get back home. Coming to the end of the year during this pandemic year, I feel like if anyone even looks my way and appears like they may ask a question or even talk to me, I feel like I’ve mastered the Toby Stank Eye Look even with a mask on. hahaha

Toby Stank Eye Look

Florida Pics: Speaking of being too busy and not going anywhere, Florida pics are coming soon. It was our vacation from back in March that was cancelled and we were finally able to take it. The delay is that I took almost 700 pics. I’ve got them narrowed down to about 100. I will have a youtube video of a montage of photos (for those who want to see them all) and a blog post for you soon (for those who want the quick version). I have an obsession with water in any form of pools, lakes, oceans and beaches; so to me, all 700 pics are very different and equally important.

Stay well friends. I hope you have a great Christmas and make the most of it regardless of what your restrictions and situations are.


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