2019 Challenge – 1200 Miles

Good morning everyone !!!  I found a great challenge for 2019, want to join me?

2019 Challenge – 1200 Miles

It’s through Run Motivators. I’ve done several of theirs and love them. They are about encouraging and uplifting people of all ages and fitness levels. These challenges are done on your own time through the honor system. They create a facebook group for many of their challenges to meet people, make friends, hold each other accountable, encourage and support each other.

This particular one is to do 1200 miles in 2019. You can walk ’em, run ’em, bike ’em, swim ’em…..however you prefer to get them in.  It breaks down to 3.29 miles per day, which is very doable as long as I don’t fall behind. So I’m goin’ for it !! If you want to join me in the fun, go to Run Motivators, click on Events and you’ll see them all their.

1200 mile challenge
Photo Credit: Run Motivators

Lace them shoes up and let me know if you decide to do this particular challenge. We can be cyber challenge buddies !  It will keep you moving all year long.

1200 Mile Challenge (2)

I plan to do a mix of running, walking, biking and elliptical. I do a lot of swimming as well, but have no desire to count laps and such to convert it in to miles. So all my swimming is just freebie and bonus miles that I won’t count.

Tell me what you are doing today?

Have any challenges of your own planned for 2019?



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