2019 Challenge – 1200 Miles (update 1)

Hey guys. I have not updated you since I started my 1200 miles challenge for this year. Heck, you might not even care, but I’m updating you anyway !
1200 mile update 1 (1)
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I am a bit behind but nothing to worry about. As I’ll make these up and surpass them this summer. I blame it completely on our really crappy cold and messy winter.
1200 mile update 1 (2)

I’m about 32 miles behind schedule. No biggy though. Nice weather is approaching and I’m excited to walk and run outside and lose the treadmill for awhile. Get on a real bike and lose the stationary for awhile. Fresh air miles are in my future !

Good luck on any fitness goals you have this year. Get out there and Crush ‘Em !!!

2019 Challenge – 1200 miles (original post)


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